Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Fare Thee Well, Mistletoe Ethaniel...........

Wow, what can I say...
     My beloved Mistletoe Ethaniel is leaving Northfarthing!
You have been a backbone for me, and for many of us here, the staunchest of friends, and a true lady.  When we have missed "objects", or for many of us, "people", you have stood by us and made the day a little more bearable.  You have been the strength and the light of the sim for a long time, and you will be missed.
     That being said.. I want all my friends and relatives to join me in wishing you well in your new endeavors, as I know from personal experience that "moving on" can be a strenuous and nerve wracking venture.  If you ever need anything, just shout... I have REALLY big ears, and even bigger shoulders, if you need those too.
     With leaden pen, I bid you adieu from Northfarthing, and the very best of luck in your new home, and with your new career!

Love and kisses to my longest friend on SL,
Teleny,Lord Macarthur, Macaniva Keep

On a personal note... OMG!  I'm gonna miss seein' you around SOOOOO much!  You were my first TRUE friend that I met here, not counting the RL buddy that brought me to SL in the first place.  Keep in touch, and ALWAYS know that you are in my heart and my thoughts!  NF won't be the same without you!
Love ya,

Best of luck in ALL your new SL endeavours, my elflet!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just Because It Needs To Be .......Frequently

Beautiful man, beautiful soul.... rest in peace, Bruddah Iz'...   thanx for the tears, thanx for the smiles!

Fave New Song....

This one just makes me smile!


Just because it rang so true........ practice safe sex, and be carefulout there, for it's a cruel world STILL, my brothers!