Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Nyan Cat Goes Clubbin'!!!!!!!

And a little Pony action!   (Yus, that IS Tel *Derpy* and Derren *Pinky*....LOL~!)

*Being silleh is kewl!*

Monday, May 30, 2011

So, some updates, some pics, and some RL......

     Well, the wedding went off beautifully, thanks to the help of my husband and MANY others.  At the suggestion of Franzi, and several others, I'm going to rebuild the wedding set, and offer it for sale in my Marketplace shop, as soon as I get time.  Here are some pics from the original.  It was designed to fit on our homestead, originally, being in the same style as our home.  I did notice, while looking for ideas before the wedding, that there is a dearth of masculine or at least gender neutral wedding settings available out there, either inworld or on MP.  So much of what I found was either very foufou, or just plain kinda silly.

Ok, the RL news..... the place I was working closed, but one of the owners took me to another of his restaurants, and, though the pay is slightly higher, that part is still mediocre for someone with my history and training, but at least it's a job.  Many can't say that these days.  The BEST part is, I have "dream hours" now for this field.  I will be working 10 AM to 8 PM, Wednesday through Saturday, with THREE DAYS OFF!  Woot!  That will vary slightly at times, should I have to cover others, but still... YAY!!!!!!

For my nosier friends, Derren put our honeymoon pics up here... Enjoy!!!!
Oh, you're back from your side excursion already?  PERVERTS!!!!!!!!   *ebil grin*

Finally, just a personal observation about relationships in general.  The parties, the hosting of friends, the running around... all are made more fun and special by sharing them with "that one person" that brightens your day the most... That being said, though, I've found out an even more important thing:

*Wishing everyone the happiness we have*

Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Wedding.


     I can honestly say that Thursday, May 26th, 2011 was the single happiest day of SLife.   Derren Nexen became Derren Macarthur, my husband, my partner, my companion officially.  I didn't get any pictures myself, as I was too busy experiencing ocular moisture leakage, and could barely see to cut and paste the vows I'd pre-written, due to commonly being known as the "Typo-King".  It was the culmination of many months of joy, laughter, anguish and tears.  Given where we've been, and what we've been through, I now KNOW that we can survive anything.

     I want to thank those that came to help us celebrate our joyous day, those that sent their congratulations instead due to scheduling conflicts, and those that have supported us all the way up to this day.  A VERY special thanks to Franzi and Garrett for standing up for us, and to my beloved Mistletoe, my longest friendship on SL-- going back to Tel's first day-- for officiating the service.  I would also like to personally thank Joey B. for DJ'ing the service flawlessly, using the tunes that my husband picked out, and also throwing in his own uniquely appropriate ones.  Also, a HUGE shout out to PJ, who, hearing of our troubles with location, offered us a full quarter sim, with raised AV limits, and full perms to use for the ceremony.  Good man, there!

     Ok, first a few pictures, which I blatantly have stolen from others, or were gifted to us, then the actual ceremony.  I must say, though I was already emotional, that Mist's words, then Derren's vows sent me over the edge into Kleenex hell.  *grins*

     We had inserted a notecard in the invitation, asking to not receive presents, since our inventories are quite large enough, but instead asked that donations be made in our names to the individual's charity of choice.  Franzi, ever the one to ignore EVERYTHING I say, made this for us, which, of course, is simply amazing, beautiful, and re-opened the waterworks.  Love you, Bestie!

Others have written about our special day, and I'd like to provide links to their blogs, as a special thank you!

Mistletoe Ethaniel
Franziskus Ninetails
Rammy Uriah
River Airy
and of course my beloved husband, and his own unique perspective:
Derren Macarthur

Here is the text from the ceremony itself.  Yes, these words are now etched in my heart.  I love you, my babydoll.... thank you for making me complete.  XOXOX

*Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower clears her throat*

Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower: "Ladies and gentlemen, loved ones, welcome.

Love brings us here on this day: love that we all share for Derren and Teleny on this first day of their marriage, and the love that these two share for each other. This day is a celebration of the joys of love. Let it never be said that love is perfect, that love is all-healing, that nothing but joy can come of love. We all know too well that love is uncertain, love is frustrating, love is hurtful, love is a risk we take knowing that at is end can only come loss. And the courage to take that risk, the knowledge that it is worth facing any amount of pain--THAT is truly the glory of love.

For any two people among billions to find in one another all that mysterious and sometimes sad beauty that is love is perhaps the greatest miracle I know. And here, today, we have two such people. Derren and Teleny have both--together, and separately-- withstood the hurt and the tears and the frustration that love and loss bring to so many of us. And through this adversity, they have found greater joy and triumph in each other than could ever be found apart. These two have never stopped believing in love, and today before us now they will make vows of their commitment to one another, in honor of that love.

Derren and Teleney have composed their own vows for this occasion, and first we will hear Derren's."

*Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower nods in Derren's direction*

Derren Nexen: "Tel, what can I say? We've come a long way but it still feels like those very first days. We met under the craziest of circumstances and through all the drama and heartache those situations brought, something amazing came out of it.

I knew when I first met you I had to have you in my life somehow. I thought it would only be as friends but, as usual, you proved me wrong.
We took our time and we set our feelings in stone. Those first few tentative days have been the foundations to what has now become a strong and beautiful relationship far surpassing anything I could of dreamed of.

You have done so much for me it would take more than a lifetime to express how thankful I am. You got me building and creating, something I've never been inspired to do.
But you give me that inspiration along with your laughter, warmth and trust.
You gave us a beautiful home, which never ceases to amaze me, and gave me the courage to take on this crazy world, whatever it throws at us.

Some have described you as intense. I call it passion. Your passion for those you hold close and the causes you fight strongly for only fills me with more love and admiration for you.
Your understanding and caring nature has brought me out of my shell and closer to you. You've become my lover, my partner and my best friend.

Throughout my life here on SL I've never really felt like I had a home. I would drift from one group to the next, watching chapters end as soon as they had begun.
With you I can't see an end. Only a future. Surely filled with its own trials but mostly with happiness and love. With you I feel like I'm home.

So, I make a promise to you today that will last throughout the rest of our future together. That my love for you will stay forever unconditional and undying. To stay loyal, faithful and true through all of life’s obstacles and triumphs.

Let this ring be a symbol of the promise I've made to you today. All I can offer you is my heart, my respect, my trust and my love.If you can put up with my funny moods and bad typos would you do me the honour of becoming my husband today? My virtual lover but my very real best friend."

*Derren Nexen smiles*

Teleny Macarthur: *places ring on finger* "Yes, my love, nothing would make me more fulfilled."

Teleny Macarthur:
"I, Teleny, give myself to you today in marriage.

You've held my heart for months, now, and my hand when I needed stability. You've made me laugh, and cry, and know anger. You've given me all that I need, all that I could want, and the promise of more.
You are my partner, my soul mate, and my companion.

 First we exchanged hearts, then we exchanged rings.
Now we exchange our promises.

I promise to hold you up when you falter,
To hold you down when you fly too close to the sun.
I promise to be the rock on which you can build your future,
And the future that you can claim with me.

I promise to be the the shade to shield you from the harshness of life,
And the light to illuminate your shadows.
I promise you everything I have, will have, and may have.
I promise you all that I am, will be, or may become.

I promise to love you in good times and in bad,
When life is easy, and when life becomes hard.
I promise to keep you closest to my heart,
And to strive to always be what you need me to be.

These things I give to you formally in this ceremony,
Though you have had them all along.
With this new ring, I symbolize these promises,
As a reminder both to you and to myself.

I love you, Derren, unconditionally. Will you accept this ring, and be my husband, my partner, my life?"

Derren Nexen: *smiles* "Of course I will"

*Teleny Macarthur smiles through his tears.*

Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower: "Let all who are assembled here, bear witness to this miracle that is love. What these two hearts have willed, let no person, place nor thing tear apart. May we all be loyal and true in our support of this union, as I, by the authority trusted in me, do now declare them officially wed."

*Mistletoe Ethaniel-Skytower  smiles*

"Gentlemen, you may kiss your husband.

I introduce to you all now, for the first time,  the Messrs. Macarthur! Sláinte!"

*With much love and happiness in his heart*

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Five days, or "How I'm losing my OCD mind!"

     Well, we're five days away from the wedding.  At this point, we don't have a location, due to an apparant communication gap, we don't have a DJ, as the person Derren had in mind turned him down, we don't have an Officiator (I refuse to use the term minister, because of the religious overtones), the music playlist isn't done (though D assures me it will be after today), I have the invitations ready to send out (should have been sent over a week ago, but I'm STILL waiting on an LM for the location!) but can't, and my RL schedule is not normal or regular since switching jobs.  (OK, that could just be an old dude thing.... "not normal or regular".... teehee!)  My OCD is in full swing, I've bitten off what nails I've managed to regrow, and I think I need to start drinking heavily.  Yup, I'm gettin' married!  XD

*Sharing his nervous breakdown*

Sunday, May 15, 2011

I am SOOOOO dead!!!!!!

Heh... seems I kinda forgot to tell Derren that I took this one.  *grins*

"Quelle Butch!"

*runs and hides*

Monday, May 9, 2011

OK. Here goes......

    I have a new consuming passion in SL  --  making movies.  With help from Derren (who makes great movies!) and some others, I'm learning to use movie editing programs.  I give it a week, before I move on to the next great passion!  LOL!  (Remember the great "I'm going to teach myself to sculpt and save a fortune!" passion of 2010?  HA!)

     It looks like the wedding will be held on Misha's offered sky platform, through the intercession of Franzi.  We're still shooting for the 26th, and hope to have invitations done this week.  We'd originally planned on having it on our homestead sim, but the guest list kept growing, and we didn't want to offend anyone.  Hence, Misha graciously offered a sky platform above his full sim.  Thank you, dear! Derren and I both have hellacious  RL schedules atm, so getting things done inworld is a little difficult.

*Peace Out*

Monday, May 2, 2011

Got him!

Obama to Bin Laden:

"You're Fired!"

*May the 9/11 families find some closure*