Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Happy Anniversary!

Joshua Cartauld  and Jarrod Fitzpatrick
 One year!

And here's the rest of us, doing what Kittehs do best... dancin' nekkid on the beach, and celebratin'!
From left to right: Nevie, Tel, Franzi, Joshy, JRod

Best wishes in the future!  Love you both!

*Special Blessings*
Auntie Tel

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Some of the best damned ......

  love making music ever recorded, IMHO.  LOVE Enigma!

And this one.... a song of self reaffirmation..... This has a deep personal meaning to me.....

"That's not the beginning of the end
That's the return to yourself
The return to innocence

Love, devotion
Feeling, emotion
Love, devotion
Feeling, emotion

Don't be afraid to be weak
Don't be too proud to be strong
Just look into your heart, my friend
That will be the return to yourself
The return to innocence

If you want, then start to laugh
If you must, then start to cry
Be yourself, don't hide
Just believe in destiny

Don't care what people say
Just follow your own way
Don't give up and use the chance
To return to innocence

That's not the beginning of the end
That's the return to yourself
The return to innocence

Don't care what people say
Follow just your own way
Don't give up, don't give up
To return, to return to innocence

If you want, then laugh
If you must, then cry
Be yourself, don't hide
Just believe in destiny

Friday, September 24, 2010

Follow up post........

      Ok, Spanki gave the me idea... and I just HAD too!  ROFL!!!!  Ladies and Gentlemen... the lead singer of  Tel and the Gang!   ROFLMMFAO!!!!

*Yo, like peace and shit!*

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Listen to this....

and TELL me it doesn't get stuck in your head!  ROFL!  I have loved this ever since my bestie on SL, Aruin, the former co-owner of Macaniva Keep, introduced me to it over a year ago..... I now share my addiction with you!  ROFLMMFAO!!!

*Peace, and passing it on*

Just some fun with the Booty Queen!

     Made ya look, didn't it?  LOL!  Here is Miss Timeless Booty, in all her (his) glory! (I have become OBSESSED with hair from Curia Obscura.... working clocks, carousels, video monitors.....all built into the hairdos!  To hell with the ARC!  I can crash sims all by myself now!  ROFL!!)

Hard to see in this, but that is actually an almost three meter tall, working grandfather-style clock, woven entirely out of hair! LOL!

This is perhaps my fave of the new ones... a moving, music playing carousel, ALSO woven entirely out of hair.  HAHAHAHA!

And just for comparison.... here's my "normal" side... as though Tel HAS one of those! *grins*

"The warrior tenses, as he is exposed in the sudden shaft of sunlight through the hidden window high above....."

*Making SL FUN again, one hairdo at a time!*

Monday, September 20, 2010

Well, well, well......

     It's certainly been a week of highs and lows for this correspondant. (I like that!  Sufficiently egotistical, w/o crossing the line.... lol!).  Real life has been affecting my relationships on SL, as frequently happens, so I've been not inworld as much as usual.  There have been some really interesting moments in both, though, I must say.
     First, on SL, I was approached by a dog.  Not a "dog", as in a worthless person, or a "dog" as in an anthro-Fur.  Both of those I've had... um... relationships... with in the past.  (NOT to say all of my relationships have been WITH dogs, of course. HA!)  A dog.  A four-legged, panting dog.  Wanting sex.  Now, I am not one to judge someone else's sexual tastes on SL.  This happens to NOT be one of my varied "appetites".   I believe that except for sexual ageplay, all else is a "go" for two willing people, as for many, it gives them a chance to act out on fantasies or whatever.  I've been known to do that a few times myself.  I was not offended by the dog approaching me, in the least.  What offended me was, after having said something to the effect of "well, thank you for finding me attractive, but I'm just not that much into SLex these days" (hey, I try to be polite, and not step on others appetites or lifestyles, as I expect in return, of course.), the dog then proceeded, while I was afk, to hump my avatar, which was laying on a blanket on a beach at the time.  I was told this by another person on the beach, who showed me a pic they took, and a snippet of convo from where they told the pooch to stop repeatedly.  Up to probably even nine months ago or so, when I was SO heavily emotionally invested in SL, I probably would have filed some kind of complaint with the Lindens.  Not so much now.  I just fired off a blistering IM to the offending canine, with a copy of the pic I was given, which I then deleted, and muted his little furry butt.  Like many, there is some porn in my inventory.  "No, you cry!!! "  LOL!, but not that one.  buh-bye.  Meh.  Not worth my time in the long run, right?
    I'm trying to teach myself to make sculpties.  The OCD is fighting back.  We'll see how that goes.  Oh, and I've gotten back into the clothing dream.  I've made a couple of decent harness/breastplate type things for the savages at Tidra, and am working on a leather vest/linen shirt, rather rustic type man's shirt outfit at the moment.  Pants are still giving me fits, except for basic speedos and thong/jock type things.  Somehow or the other, I AM going to make Tel and the gang self sufficient.  The RL funding just isn't that available to me anymore.  (Hey, there's a thought!  "Tel and the Gang"... I'm a halfway decent singer... maybe I could do spoof concerts of the old "Kool and the Gang" songs... ROFL!!!)
     RL, even more interesting week.  My "Farmer Bob".... the new, well, can't really call him a boyfriend yet... close friend? Date? Whatever...... has been very persistent in wanting to get to know me better.  We've had breakfast once, when he showed up unexpectedly to "steal me" as he puts it, lunch twice, and a really nice walk/chat/sit on the riverbank behind my house.  There's something about a man in his mid thirties, wearing a plain white t-shirt, busted up old work boots, and rather worn Levi's that kinda makes my country boy heart go pitterpatter a bit.  Throw in a highly educated mind, a quest for learning more, coal black hair and lovely green eyes, and it gets even more interesting.  Now, if we could just do something about that tobacco chewing.... (oh, well, I'm a smoker, so can't bitch that much, right?)
    Still searching for the elusive paycheck.  Have pursued a couple of leads this week.  Maybe something will turn up.
      Anyway, life, as usual is still a series of ups and downs.... sometime in the future, maybe they'll be the good kind of ups and downs!  LOL!!!!
     Well, lunch break is over, the BossLady next door is ready to head back to the gardens.  HUGE art festival here this coming weekend, and we open the gardens in both yards to the public, as we are situated between the two major showing areas.  It's fun, and kinda the last "weekend" of summer, first one of fall here.  I love meeting all the new tourists that come to town, and catching up with the ones that have come from all over the country in the past.  I think I'll probably even miss doing a 5-6 thousand dollar day by myself on the grill, Saturday.  Right.... who am I kidding!  ROFL!!!

*Have a lovely day, friends!*

"I still chuckle every time I read this cartoon."

Friday, September 17, 2010

Totally Flattered!!!!

    I've known JC for quite a while on blogrolls, and on FB, but finally just met him inworld when he was doing some filming at Tidra late one sleepless night.  Little did I know, he would honor me in this way!  I love it, JC, and thanks for making me your Mr. October! I love the editing you did, too... excellent job! 
(You sneaky man!  I owe you one!)

*Delighted and Flattered*

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My opinion on the proposed (and abandoned) Qur'an burning... (and I don't care who reads this or not)

     Book burning is wrong. Period. I am an Atheist, but whether during my Christian years, or my Pagan ones, or now, one opinion has never changed.  I don't care at all whether it is a religious manual, or a porn magazine, a science fiction book, or a text book. The written word is perhaps the crowning achievement of humankind.
     Being able to write down our thoughts and ideas has enabled others to expand on them, and yes, abuse them. It has led to advances in science, in medicine, in philosophy. Yes, it has led to nuclear weapons, and demagoguery. It has led to ideological ideas that rip our world apart, or unite us in common cause. In my mind, the benefits of them outweigh the shortcomings.
     I am not voicing opinions on Islam or Christianity, or on any other religion, or political structure, just on books in general. They've all been abused, and are still being. Religion (or the misuse of it, by those that might be misled by the more manipulative extremists on any issue) is once again tearing the world apart, as are divisive political ideologies. Did he have the "right" to burn the book, had he decided to do so? Yes. Do "they" have the right to burn our flag in protest? In my opinion, yes.
     Does that make either of those actions "right"? Not so much in my eyes. I have known many persons of many faiths over the years. Fortunately, most of them profess it, and don't really practice it, if this is what "practicing your faith" means in these troubled days.
     There have been atrocities committed on all sides. Neither is more guilty, nor are any innocent. Sorry, but THIS time, MY "Sacred Cow"  was attacked -- my raison d'etre -- the written record, right or wrong, honest or not, whether I agree with the opinion or view point or not --of our species, one of the few things that I DO hold "sacred". Nuff said by me.

*Peace, reading and thought*

*sad face*

  Lost another RL friend last night.... still not sure of the exact cause, as I've heard a couple of different stories.  That's five in as many months.  Thank you for the support from those that I've spoken to already.  This was sudden.  A three day hospital stay, then bam.  My inworld time might be kinda spotty for my SL friends, and for my RL ones, I'll be checking in with most of you by phone, or email.  To those that have offered to take care of a couple of inworld things for me, on a professional level, thank you as well.

Love to all,

Sunday, September 5, 2010

New skin for the twins!!!

I said I wasn't spending any more L$ on the twins, but I lied.  Found a fantastic new skin for them, so now they don't share the same one from Abyss as Tel.  LOL!!!  I love it.  They look more mature, but not old, and the hair on it is FABU!  Any single guys out there looking to date twin brothers?  /me grins.  LOL!
It's been several months since the last SLex.... I'm SURE they'd show you a good time!  ROFL!!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Viewer update......

    I love Emergence, but with LGG moving on to Pheonix (thanx for the tip, Ziggy!).... I am happy to say that I have finally found a viewer that I can both trust AND use!  I do like Kirstens for my professional photography for the other av, and will keep it for that.  Here is the link for the Pheonix download...... it is Emerald, but w/o the dastardly bad .dll files.
    The Twins are ready for RP in Tidra, finally!  YAY!!  Lion and Lynx, abandoned at birth, found by the savage tribe..... um..... does anyone have an extra pair of hands?  (Actually, I'm not too shabby at runnin' two avis at the same time, as long as they are not fighting.... if that happens, I tend to get one of them killed off pretty damned quick... it's easier.  LOL!) 
The Twins are under the championship of Scorpion, as is Giani, but I may transfer that to Tiger, given their affinities for kittehs!  LOL!
Ok, enough typing and boring you for one day.   My brain hurts, and my allergies are trying to do what all of the savages haven't managed yet.... kill me! LOL!

*Peace and Sudafed PM*

Go, Team Tidra, or Thundercats RULZ!!! (Edited)

     LOL!  Sorry for the header, I couldn't resist the corniness.  I have been simply astounded at what we've accomplished on Tidra in a month's time.  Just four or five weeks ago, the "Great Quake of 2010" was threatening to send it to the depths of hiSLtory.  Now, we have a steadily growing band of "brothers" that is becoming a true family again in many ways.
     The core of the island's group is the same.... Jovian (Giani)....a naive, yet fierce savage hunter, myself.... proud Scorpion of Tidra, the island's "defender" and champion (and sometime ambassador to the outside world), Freki...... the eternal guardian, and of course, our beloved leader, The Tiger of Tidra, Franzi......the heart and soul of the dream.  We went through a dark night, but I think that dawn is finally breaking over the majestic mountains, and battered ruins.  Even the savage leader's (Tyragon) misfortune at being captured and taken away in bonds, turned for the best.  His interaction with a lovely young female Healer on another (straight) Gorean sim, has given us new friends, and potential trading partners.  (And MAN, talk about RP people.... those folks really LIVE the ideal!  She showed up ooc, just to pick up the rules of the sim, to return with her guards and companions at a later time, JUST so she could rp here properly.... LOVE that in new friends!)  We have other new savages in the jungle camp, a potential new brother warrior, and a Beast.
    Yep, you read that right.   We have a fearsome beast living in the caves beneath the ruined temple, and he HAS been seen in the temple itself, though we have as of yet to find his access, so we can seal it off.   His is an interesting, and I think, truly unique RP thread.  As Franzi was showing Scorp the finished baths the other night, we noticed a small person on the docks, resembling nothing less than Smeagol from LOTR! (Which, btw, is his RP name, too...).  He broke into the fort, and attacked the Scorpion, while he was still drying off from his bath.  (and Franzi was crashing, and then I did, and back and forth.... it was frustrating as hell!).  The whole time, he was claiming to be the new "Ruler", and demanding tribute in food.  Heehee.......

     I won't divulge his whole RP line, but he is now going to play a bit more "by the rules" of Tidra, and has taken up residence in the caves.  We justify his "looks and actions" as him being a genetic fluke, possibly abandoned at birth, and believing himself "cursed by the gods".  He knows little of his own history, living in a "day to day" existence, like a wild animal, but he certainly is feral and insane! (and ooc, funny as hell!).  There will eventually be a "Hunt the Beast" game involved, with cash prizes either going to those that take him down, or to him, if he is victorious.  Meanwhile, he lurks in the jungles, so beware!

Here is a pic of the wanted poster on the docs, that Tiger hung after his treacherous and dishonorable attack in the baths that night:

  On another note, we have a wonderful new logo for the island, thanks to Giani/Jovi.  Thanx, hun!!  It's lovely!
(Left to right... Tiger, Scorpion, Tyragon, Giani, and the Fortress of Tidra... a pivotal "character" in the RP in its own right!)

  Whether you come to play, or just come to tourist OOC, feel welcome on our home island.  It truly is beautiful, and a work of both art and love has been created there by Franzi....


On to other things.... Emerald..... *sigh*.... Goodbye, my old friend.  Just toooo much freakin' drama.  Currently, I'm using the much hated, much inferior Imprudence, with all it's quirks, faults, features that don't work properly, etc.  About the only thing positive that I can say about it is that it rezzes slightly faster for me in certain areas, like malls.  Other than that it's a highly inferior product in my opinion.  I have heard of another viewer out there, called Emergence, which I want to try.  It's based, I've been told, on the design/layout/features of the Green Thing, but w/o the bothersome scripts that caused the problems.  Dunno, we'll see.  I still use Kirsten's for my professional photography, as it has truly good graphics, finally.

RL, not much has changed, for those of you that are also RL friends of mine.   Still looking for work, but hanging in there.  At least my attitude is a bit better at the moment, as I've had some cash work on the side, besides the unemployment, that has allowed me to catch up some bills.  Money is one of the triggers for the depressions I slip into, so getting that solved for the time being has helped.  Love you all, and thank you SO much for the support, and shoulders to lean on for the past several months.  Here's to a better, brighter future for us all!  Cheers!

(Now, if anyone can point me to a nice man in RL ....as many of you know, I'm not picky: A RL "Smeagol" is fine, long as he has wits and brains!...... a LITTLE lacking in the romance department these days..... lol!!!)

*Peace and Love and Beasts in Caves!*
(Edit:  I have tried Emergence.  I am using Emergence.  I recommend Emergence.  I am in love with Emergence.  LOL!!!!)