Monday, May 31, 2010

Braved the Lag Monsters in their Den!

     Heh.... I went over to a dance at Rhodium this evening.... and the lag monsters eventually won, but I did get some decent pics before my eighth crash, and had a BLAST!  I saw people that I haven't seen in months, and made some really great new friends...... I DO recommend taking the risks to all that want a good time!

*Peace and Pride*

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Second Pride Week! Yay!

Six sims chock full of fun, information, and entertainment..... with one cautionary note.... take off the huds, scripted hair and clothing, genitalia, whatever.... It gets a LITTLE laggy.  Yes, Tel even wore short hair, to keep the avatar rendering costs down... (I have some that can crash sims..... ROFL!).  A good time is guaranteed... fab music, great times with friends old and new!  See ya there! (And remember, it's an international event, so this is 24/7, and there for everyone's time zone!)

Saturday, May 29, 2010

First try....

Got a new video capture program for the computer.  Still having some image resolution issues, and WAITING (never something I've been good at!) for tech support to get back to me, as it seems to be an issue that the onboard controls can't address, or I'm finally entering my dotage and misunderstanding the manual.  Grrrrr........

Anyway, it works just fine for RL movies, too, as it's an editor as well, and with some other online captures that I've done, just not with SL.... we'll see.  I just filmed the new living area, and I know the camera work is crapola, but I'm working on the graphics setup, then I'll be more precise with movements, etc.

Here's the first "test run"... or the best I've been able to get so far.  Just the beginning, I hope!

*Peace with frustration*

When Legos Ruled The World........


*Peace and Legos!*

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Just pure randomness....

Not a whole lot going on, RL or SL at the moment... kinda in "idle mode" both worlds.  Just dropping some randomness on the Universe, to try and shake it up a bit!  LOL!


And the latest photoshopping....... (I've been asked to enter a pretty male AV contest... I dunno... I might.... we'll see...).
Haven't decided yet..... gonna work up a few more shots, and then make up my mind.  LOL!

And ending on a more serious note..... Gods bless this lady who made the ultimate sacrifice for her country, even those that would have castigated her.  R.I.P., Unknown Soldier! (Hate the war, support the troops!)

*Peace and Randomness*

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Old Hollywood meets New Digital Technology!

Eat your heart out, Bogie!  Tel is the new pinup boy!  ROFL!


Imagine if this dude had the proper training in breath support, inflection and pronunciation!  A true Sopranisto is a real rarity.....  shame someone didn't get a hold of him at the proper age for the proper vocal education, but the basic voice is amazing.... he could have rocked the opera world.  This particular style was written for a lot during the Baroque period... (when, yes, there were still castrates around).  The fact that he's kinda cute doesn't hurt either.... heh.  (with that hair, and shit eatin' grin... I can see him Neko, right?)

*Peace and high notes!*

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The songs say it all!!!!

Gotta love Bessie Smith..... she was one of the most popular female jazz artists of her day.... and SCANDULUSSSSSSSSSSSSS!  I think we can ALL agree with the words to this one!  (Dedicated to all the S.O.'s in BOTH my worlds!  HeeHee!)

And this one... OMG!  People talk about modern music?  HeeHee! (Lucille Bogan, 1935)

*Peace and Fornication*

Friday, May 21, 2010

Another new day...... Another new dawn...... Another new me!

As with all dreams, good and bad, it has ended.  The homestead sim, while nominally in my name for another week or so, is gone.  This was purely a rational decision based on my RL situation.... laid off work, with no chance of recall..... getting closer to the time when I will have to try and seek an extension of the unemployment, since I've been "blacklisted" in my field by my former employer (and that based on the fact, primarily, that I don't like "hijinx with the waitresses" in the workplace, and refused to be the butt of his "fag jokes" any longer, not on any kind of reference to my job performance, which even HE admits was good... sheesh.... gotta love small town life in Indiana!). 

Anyway, as many of you know, my mood has been between indifferent (at best!)  and depressed here lately. Taking down the sim was a blow to me, yet also a chance for a new SL beginning.  I've stayed away from SL for many reasons lately.... not in the mood, depressed, bored with it all as RL kept kickin' my ass.  The picture above, of the now empty and flattened sim, thoroughly expresses my mood as of late.

As I was returning objects to people that they had graciously let me use on my land, I sent Franzi's catnip bush back to him.  It had provided me and friends with loads of fun and laughs over the last several months... and was probably the hardest of all to "give back".... but, it led to an interesting conversation!

Apparently, he and Kenshi had decided to open up some rental space above their beautiful island paradise of Tidra!  Well, I debated it in my mind.... the price was certainly right, the prim allotment good and so on.  Franzi tp'd me over, and I loved the garden/park like look to the platform.  I loved the large spaces of the lots, and the fact that it won't be a crowded "housing development".  Franzi is an artist when it comes to "space utilization in a practical, yet beautiful manner", and I could see lots of potential for the area. 

What finally tipped the scales was, quite simply, companionship.  The people that live here, and visit here are some of my closest SL friends and family.  Having them around would beat the HELL out of hanging out at that sim of mine, by myself, listening to music and doing inventory work...(which, by the way, is a boring, frustrating and fruitless adventure in the seven pits of hell for me, trust me!  ROFL!)  That being said, with most of them being located in Europe, though, I would still have my privacy, with a several hour overlap for our "tea parties"... ... so, to make an already too lengthy post a little shorter, I moved.  In one day.  Lock, stock and barrel.  My mood was still a little somber, though.... I love creating on SL... in my case, I am not much of a builder, but I love to set up sims/areas/living place etc., but five times in a year? Well, of course, once I had planted my Home Tree, and began landscaping, things started to look up somewhat.  This picture of the main gate to the new Kitteh's Kastle (yes, kept the same name... I am NOT transferring all my friends to yet another "home group" and putting them through that AGAIN! *smiles*), in the morning mist, pretty much sums it up... somber, but the light is beginning to break!

I reviewed Jordyn's post from the other day.  It was one of the final kickers to bring me back to SL.  It was simply videos of some very wonderful sims, and an ode to the creativity that exists here in "our world".  I was missing my family, my friends and most of all, my Son, but this was the straw.  The old camel is back again, but in moderation.  I'm gonna try really hard, this time around, to not just "be" on SL for lack of anything else to do.  This time, I'm going to "live" my SLife, to the fullest extent, and enjoy my peeps!  (AND attempt to limit my time inworld to a few hours at a time, so as to avoid the burn out syndrome again! *good luck with that, right?*)
After rereading Jordyn's post, and talking with Franzi a while.... he's also damned good at helping you redecorate your mind when necessary  *hugs, my friend!*.... the sun is once again shining on my SL world...the harps are in place, the Elven drum circle out again, the sounds of running water surround me, and the love of my friends and extended family.   I close this rawther lengthy post with my current mood, as the sun also rises across the large field of my "L" shaped lot.... Dawn at the NEW KITTEH'S KASTLE!
(Darn, now I have to change my picks and pics AGAIN!  LOL!)

*Peace and Love-for you all AND for me now*

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Object Lesson.....

You know, the media, especially here in the good ol' USA, increasingly shapes our opinions, beliefs and even the way that we THINK we should look/be/act.  This wonderful video from Andy Huang, which was amazing in it's original release, has been reset to one of my favorite VNV Nation songs.  Perhaps there's a lesson in this.........and it's a hard one to learn.

Accept yourself as you are, work to better what YOU want to, and don't rely on the opinions or approval of the masses.  Maybe, in the long run, self-acceptance is what is necessary, in order to accept others as beautiful in their own right.... just sayin'.


Monday, May 17, 2010

The Following Infomercials are brought to you by.....

The Gay Republican Pagan known as Tel!   ROFL!

*Peace and Larfs*

Friday, May 14, 2010

Just a little daily inspiration.....

   A dear dear RL friend of mine posted this on her profile on Facebook.... it certainly made me do some reassessing of my own priorities, and thought it worthy to pass along.

*Peace, Love and Joy with whatever your lives bring you!*

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I will NEVER hear these songs the same again!

Heh.....some of my old faves, with a new twist!  TOO funny!


Saturday, May 8, 2010

Total Assimilation.....

    Well, it was bound to happen.... the lines have blurred to the point where there is no knowing where one world ends, and the other begins.......

I'm nearly done with my sabbatical from SL.  I actually logged on a while last night, and then again today.  I miss it, but RL HAS to take precedence.  The emotional tempest is nearly finished.  The job search goes on.  I miss my SL friends and family, though.
Much love to all.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Grrrrrrr........ in response to a FB post... and my response reposted here....

I am still a little incensed at the news article that I posted earlier.  I am of Irish/Italian/French/Jewish/Dutch/German/English/Native American (and goodness knows what all else!) descent. I am gay. I chose none of these, nor do I have a particular "pride" in any of them.

These are merely genetically predetermined elements of my being, and none of them define "me". I CHOSE to be pagan, and I CHOSE to be a middle of the road Republican. I CHOSE my profession, and I CHOSE where to buy my home, and what kind of clothing and auto to own. Why do people seem to think that they deserve special privileges based on things that they did not "choose"? I have pride, yes, but mine comes from the things that I have worked for, the accomplishments in my life, and the adversities that I've overcome. I do, however, want the same rights as any other tax paying citizen in this country...

To be able to be in a civil union with whomever I choose.. (Marriage shouldn't be recognized by the government anyway... it's a religious thing!).... to live where I want, w/o fear of recrimination or discrimination, to get jobs based on my qualifications, and not on my gender, race or sexual preference.

In short, I want to be an American Citizen, in  what still is the ONLY country that I want to live in, (though I enjoy travel to and respect others!),  in this country that every other country in the world USED to look up to, as the leader in civil and personal rights and freedoms!

I will now just sit back, and wait for BOTH sides to hate me, but, know what?  I don't care!  LOL!  I am sick and tired of the "special interest groups" in this country telling me what I can and can't think.... what I can't and can do, and how I can and can't vote.  I don't like the fact that there is a United Negro College Fund, and not a Caucasian American one.   (Neither did my African American ex boyfriend, BTW!)  I don't like the fact that my Native American ancestors were brutalized by my European ones, nor do I like the fact that there is a good possibility that some of MY Southern ancestors might have owned some of my ex boyfriend's ones! .... (This country puts TOO much stock on paperwork.... my mother is 1/8 Native American... she should have qualified... BY LAW at the time ... for college assistance, and a whole bunch of other things.... but... her grandmother was born on one of the "Trail of Tears" forced marches .. of mixed tribal descent, and the only proof we had was the family Bible, which the govt wouldn't accept!)

 However, that being said... they are facts..... but they are PAST facts, and not relevant in today's society at all.  It seems to me, that we had better take our heads out of our collective asses, pull together, and work TOGETHER to try and recover the glory and optimism for ALL of our citizens that is what this country was based on in the beginning! (and, BTW, for my religious, Right Wing, RL friends that read this... our founding fathers were Deists, NOT monotheists.... do the research, I did!.... separation of Church FROM State is what they really meant!)

I am tired of my hard earned money going to support women who have child after child, and choose not to work.... AND the men that father those children!  Welfare and public support should be for those who NEED it and have earned it, NOT for those that merely abuse the system.  I know many hard working people, some with handicapped children... some with physical/mental/emotional problems themselves... that DO deserve to have the government "have their backs", but I know FAR more that just sit on their lazy asses, never look for jobs, and pop or father one out back to back.

Such things as race, color, gender, sexual affinity... these are NOT something that you choose..... and, fortunately, in our legal system, you are *supposedly* not judged by which church you choose, or choose not, to attend.  (Doesn't always work that way here in "Small Town USA")

Sorry for the long rant, but that story REALLY touched a nerve with me.  Yes, those young people were more than likely trying to start some shit.  They were teenage boys.  That's what they DO, unfortunately, these days.   Can't say as I blame them, though......To be perfectly honest... except for my Native American ancestors..... ALL of my fore bearers were immigrants... but LEGAL ones!   ILLEGAL immigration has taken its toll on our economy... LEGAL immigration is welcome, and should be encouraged...... and with so many kids taking guns to prove their points in school these days, I feel that these young'ens should be applauded for making a statement, however crude, in a nonviolent, acceptable fashion.....fortunately, the school board for that district ultimately agreed!  Kudos to them!

*and steps OUT of his personal pulpit, before he *should have to* pay taxes for going political in church!*

How would YOU feel if told that you could not wear your country's "colors", because it might offend someone that you worked with/went to school with/lived next to.... IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY!!!!!  Sheesh!

'Nuff..... bedtime....


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

An apology....

   Just wanted to apologize to those that have written and IM'd about me not being online much.   RL has me down a bit, and I've been focusing on some issues there.  Miss y'all, but just a little bit of SL burnout going on, too....  drop me a line, and I'll respond when I AM on! (Usually, here lately, I just have the music on if I AM inworld, and off doing other things..... )


Sunday, May 2, 2010

A great evening, and getting back to my roots.....

    A few days ago, an old high school buddy... an absolutely wonderful lady that I've been really good friends with since seventh grade, told me that she worked with a gentleman that was on SL, and gave me his name for Facebook.  I thought, WTH!, and sent him a friending......... with really interesting results!
    Turns out that he and his partner in RL, who is ALSO on SL, live just three blocks from me!  We had a lovely dinner together last night, after watching the Kentucky Derby on the telly.  A little wine, good conversation.... how delightful to have such witty, charming hosts, and an evening of intellectual conversation!  And all right here, in my little backwater town!  "Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship!"  Once again, the blender has mixed my two worlds, and in a truly delightful manner!  What are the chances, in this little town of 13,000 people?  NYC, Chicago, LA... yes, I could see that, but to me, this is a wonderful happenstance!
    My SL son, Spanki,  recently posted on his blog about re-attaching his ears and tail.  I dunno, it just struck a chord with me, somehow....  I dug out my horns, and hooves, and got back to my "Roots" on SL as a Satyr.  Like Neko is to him, it's "me".  A randy old goat, somewhat older, a little more mature (hopefully!)....yet still frisky and playful.  A creature of Myth and Legend, yet very real to me, especially as I age, in many, many ways.... a "balancing" of the duality of human personality... Dark and Light, with a WHOLE lotta Gray areas.  It's an admission of guilt for many things, and also a manifestation of freedom and reconciliation with that guilt.  Maybe it's just the springtime, the Renewal time for Mother Earth, or the RL relationship that is at the same time strange, strained ( the strain comes not in the relationship, but with both of us being tied to family responsibilities, and just don't have the time together that we'd like!) and yet wonderful.... but I "feel" Majick in the air these days.... and needed my "inner self" manifested physically (digitally?) again.  I think a daily dose of majick is good for everyone, whether you choose to use it on a phychological, emotional, spiritual or psychic level.  As I have been guilty of so much recently, don't lose sight of the wonders of life!  Blessed Be, my friends!!!
"Go into the Light, Carol Ann!"

Saturday, May 1, 2010

I FINALLY made the switch!

     Yes, I've given up my beloved old friend.... the original LL viewer!  Thanks to the bloggings of the many folks that I follow, I've been encouraged to try all of the other "compatible" viewers out there, and decided to go with the new Emerald.
     Previously, I was NOT an Emerald fan.  My old system just bogged down under all of it's "heaviness".  I lagged to hell and back, had ALL sorts of TP problems, etc..  However, out of all of the ones out there that LL has OH so graciously decided to bless, as alternatives to that HORRID new one of theirs... the new Emerald most fits my needs.
     The user interface is almost exactly like the old LL viewer... a plus to this old dog that is a LITTLE bit reluctant to embrace too many new tricks.  So far, I've managed to finds ALMOST all the bells and whistles, and just in two days.  Primary functions.... i.e.  time settings, inventory, that sorta stuff.... are all the same as the old LL one, so that made actually "using" it an immediate thing..... and NO idiotic tabs floating around on my screen.
     Graphically, it's amazing!  I think that the images are clearer than even the old LL viewer, and I LOVE the myriad of pre-programmed sky/time alternatives in the settings menu.  As an "occasional amateur" photographer, (OK, OK... so yeah.... I'm a BIT on the camera happy side!)  they provide some interesting effects, without me having to go to the trouble of moving slider bars around until I get what I'm looking for.  Oh, yeah, and I'm lagging less and am having less TP problems than with the original LL viewer, but, that MIGHT be because of the grid wide reset and reprogramming...  (doubt it though... when has an LL "fix" ever REALLY helped anything?  ;-)   )
     I haven't found one thing, yet.   On the old browser, several months ago, I was given a tip in a group that I belonged to on how to remove the default LL inventory.  I did it at the time, and now can't remember how.  This eliminates over a thousand items immediately from inventory, ALWAYS a plus to us packrats (read that as *too lazy to sort the damned thing and get rid of stuff!  XD).  So, if anyone can help me with that, I'll be eternally grateful, and throw in some catnip!
     Again, I'd like to thank all of you for pointing me in the direction of this viewer.  LL might think that THEY hold all the cards, but, as in First Life..... sometimes the consumer's reviews DO make the most difference!
     On a side note, I'm making textures.  I think maybe, now that I'm getting used to the buttons on Photoshop, and being a bit of an amateur artist in RL, I might try some building textures.  I have had a couple of builder friends express an interest in collaberating on this.  I'm NOT much of a builder, but have always enjoyed the design/decorating aspect of this. (Yes, I like show tunes, as well.... Gay much? ROFL!). 
     Anyway, the first few that I've done, I've just given away as "demos", so am gonna post them here, all but one w/o watermarks.  I'd appreciate any honest feedback that y'all might have for me..... constructive criticism is well handled in this household....Goddess KNOWS I get enough from "you know who!"  ROFL!

Have a GREAT weekend, my friends.  Blessed Walpurgis Nacht...Blessed Beltaine..... and Happy May DAY!  (Now, if ANY of you have a spare Maypole just laying around...... make sure it's Xcite compatible, and email that sucker MY way!  ROFL!)



Just one of the 456,675 pics that I've taken with the
new Emerald backgrounds.... LOVE the way they've
done the lighting effects... Amazing!

I started the texture from blank backgrounds, and all are hand drawn, with a little help, occassionally, from some full perm brushes, (although, I've been making my own specialty brushes, as well).  I began with stained glass, of course, as I am familiar with it very much IRL, and have done quite a bit of it over the years, both real, and "fake"... i.e.  paint on, on rice paper, whatever.  I am now working on wall textures, and some other stuff.  Since I've been unemployed, I definitely have had the free time to do this! grrrrrr.......
This one, the first I did, was inspired
by the quote on my son, Spanki's blog
from Dracula, and therefore is dedicated
Spanks, one of the most important people
in ALL my worlds.... Love you, Son!

Heehee... Justyn says this one
looks like lollipops, but he DOES
have a bit of an oral fixation,
methinks!  XD!

I actually made this one, called "Pink Lady"
after Justyn sent me pics of his new
"Pink Kitteh" look.... lawlz!

Just a bit of "oriental flair". 
This one is for you,
Lucifer's Raven!

This one was actually purchased by
a builder friend, for exclusive use in a project
she's working on!  Woot!  (hence the watermark initials!)