Monday, November 30, 2009

The Countdown begins!

18 DAYS!

Amusement Park Night!

The Elfling and I were clued into a really fun amusement park by his friend, Traci.  The rides were above average for such a place on SL, and we had a really great evening last night.  Except for some lag issues...there were all kinds of flying prim birds, scripts everywhere, of course, and so on..... the place is really well done.  A fun build, and a good time!


Sunday, November 29, 2009

Well, I finally did "it"....

     I swore it wouldn't happen so soon.  Honest.  I wanted to wait for it, to make the anticipation grow, to let the timing be just right.  Some things are best left for "just the right moment", and should not be rushed, in case they get old, or just disappoint you.
     I really just let it happen this morning.  There was no malice or ill will involved, nor were there any hidden agendas.  I just FELT like it... that's the bottom line.  Sometimes, you just have to follow your instincts, and let the chips fall where they may.
     What, you ask, did I do that was SO hard to get around to, and is causing me such emotional pain?  What could have happened, Tel, that makes you feel the need to blog about this event?  What was this "thing", this "event" that is so special to you, yet must be delayed until JUST the right moment?
     OMG, did you cheat on Asoniel?  NO!  Did you buy land on SL?  NO!  Did you FINALLY get that sim of your own that you've been wanting? NO!  Did you buy a new car in RL? NO!  What was this thing that you swore would never happen again, at least not so soon?

     I opened my Christmas MP3 folder!   Happy Holidays to ALL, both RL and SL, no matter what your religious affiliation, your beliefs, location or creed.  Let the peace and joy of this season fill your hearts and souls, as it's filling mine this year!  (Hell, I MAY even drag out the tree for the first time in two years!  THANK YOU, Elfling, for giving me back my Christmas spirit!  Love you!)

Love you all!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Back to Basics.....

The Elfling and I spent a really fun evenin' with friends, then took off too Hotlanta for some really great blues and dancin'.... It's been a frequent hangout for us lately, full of warm people, and HAWT music!  He's such a wonderful person, forgiving me even when my big old clunky feet stomp on his!  LOL!

Just because I moved out of NorthFarthing, doesn't mean we won't frequent the club there.... it really IS the best blues club on SL!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we here in the States celebrate Thanksgiving, I'd like to list some of the many things that I personally have to be thankful for on this wonderful family Holiday!
First and foremost, I am thankful that I am reasonably healthy, in spite of the ICK that I've been whining about for about 2 weeks now.  I have a job, a rarity in the States, and if I've heard correctly from my friends abroad, in the world in general these days.  I am thankful that in spite of two strokes in two years, and other health issues, my mother, at age 70 1/2, is still plugging along, still here to annoy and delight her children and friends.  *smiles*
I am very grateful for the friends that I have in RL, the ones that have been there for me for what has amounted to one of the most trying 18 months of my life in many ways.
I am extremely thankful for my SL friends and family.  You've provided me with many joys, laughs, as few tears and cussin's as well, but that's all part of it,  you know.  To be able to return to SL, and to pick up a couple of friendships that way that I have, is a wonderful thing.  For the "new" friends that I've made since Teleny arrived on the scene last February, you are some of the best, most nobly spirited people that I've met in my life.  Eacen and Corinda Taurus.... you've been there, thick and thin, since we first met 4 months ago back in NF, when it was a bustling sim, and you rented off of me at the now defunct Keep.  Now, your family at Seven Isles, through all it's changes, has become mine as well, and accepted Asoniel as a "long lost son".  Mina, Neria, Odinn... Seth and Emile... the list there is endless!  Spanki Moulliez... my son.... what can I say?  You kept me sane at a time when I was not able to do it on my own.  To be able to love someone unconditionally, w/o any strings or drama... that's what you gave me, and allowed me to give you. Bless you, kiddo!  Look how much we've both grown, my dear dear friend!  Miki Ushimawa.... yeah, we've butted horns... we are so very much alike.... yet, underneath it all, there is a current of brotherly love, which has allowed us to overcome our opinions, and become good friends.  You are a fantastic, sweet man.  The way that you have been so very good both to and for my Son, well, that makes you all that much more dear to me, as an icing on OUR friendship.
Aruin Vaniva.... though mostly not on SL at all any more, our friendship is enduring, eh, old chum?  We started our friendship with one meeting at the shopping mall in NF, and decided that day to be "best friends"... through the Macaniva time, the old PI days, now into RL and Facebook... who'd a thunk it?  And let's not forget your RL fiancee.... helluva gal! *hugs to both!*  Greenfayrie Lorefield..... you silly, silly woman.... you'll always be my "Family Fae", you know.  My dear Asoniel is quite as smitten with you as I am, dear.  You have become quite a friend since we first met at Sac!
The rest of the Sac family, now reborn at Digital Immortality... Mav, Nae, Jamie, Poe, omg, I know that I'll forget half of you, so I'll just stop naming names.... you've seen me through three partners, and now into the RL adventure that is me and Asoniel.  Love you ALL!!!!  Trace and Ado at Tainted Boys... relatively new friends, yet not any the less dear for that! So many others on SL  and in my RL that I can't even begin to name them all.
Mistletoe Ethaniel.... can't say much more than what I've said in this blog and on my SL profile and picks.... friend, sensai, partner in crime at times..... sister.     You're moving on, mostly, to greener pastures for yourself, but you will ALWAYS be a part of my SL, and now, through skype, email, and so on, a permanent fixture in my RL as well.
Last, but certainly not least, my beloved Asoniel.  You are the best thing that's happened to me, SL or RL, though I will not fault certain others for trying in the past, and wish them nothing but the best now.  After all, if they hadn't started the "healing process" of my soul, WE wouldn't be where we are now, right?  Honey, the love that I hear in your voice, and the support that you've given me, and let me give you, both here and in the imaginary world of Reality, has become so important to me that I hear it last thing as I go to sleep at night, and first thing when I awake now.  I feel my arms around you as I sleep, and know that you feel it too.  I love you, and am VERY grateful for "Whatever Is Out There" for giving me this chance to be whole again , with you! (Yeah, and yer Ma is a hoot, too!  heehee)  I'm thankful for the acceptance that I've found in your family, and you in mine.

To end this rambling missive..... I'd just like to give thanks for all that I have, for all that I am, and for all that I'm becoming.  Love you all, and may your respective Gods bless you!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Well, the Keep is GONE!

It was a tough decision, but for many reasons, not the greatest of which is financial, and certainly not the least of which that since me and Li'l Kitteh have gone RL, there's no sense in having two domiciles in SL, I've taken down Macaniva Keep. 
This was a painful decision on my part.  I'll keep the group active, still, and the Family and Clan intact, for, as I said in the group notice that I sent out tonight, our group had always been based more on emotions than prims and location.
I love all my Clan, and, hopefully, after the first of the year, will be able to get us a whole sim to play on, with less lag, cheaper rent, and so on.
Gonna sleep now, as I'm still a little upset.  I cried the whole time I was dismantling that place..... you put in all that work, time, and money, and you get attached to it!

Love to all, especially my Sons, all THREE of them, and my partner, Aso, who has been a rock through this whole ordeal!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Poodle Power!!!!

OMG, had such a blast last night.... it was "ladies night" and "satin and lace" night at Digital Immortality, our new Goth/Industrial hangout... so, we had LITTLE choice, as you can understand, except to do this!

And after all my hard work,and planning, THIS was the thanks I got when I got home!  (NOT that I'm complaining!  Hee Hee!)

Monday, November 23, 2009

Hack! Cough! Cough!

     Well, it's finally here in Southern Indiana... the H1N1 virus!  I swear, every other person in and out of the restaurant today either was hacking up a lung, or wearing a mask.  I think some of them were using the masks to save the lungs for later reinsertion.  One of my customers told me that his doctor, on the advice of the CDC, no longer tests specifically for H1N1, just for the flu in general, as treatment is the same for all types of influenza.  Kinda scary, but the CDC, from what I've been reading, has been swamped with every flu swab that has been done in the country, it seems, so it makes sense.  I just wonder how they get the numbers and figures for the percentages of infection that they post if this is the case! hmmmm... surely the gov't doesn't make things up!  *snickers*
     This is not the time that I relish working in a "service industry"... well, after 33 yrs doing this, I don't really relish it ANY time, but that's another blog subject.  Heehee.
     I have been sick for about 10 days, now... a nasty sinus infection that resulted from allergies, and has spread into my tear ducts, and my lungs.  Fortunately, it's not contagious, so no missed work! (or MONEY!)  I think I'm finally on the "other side" of it, but have had two relapses already.  My three waitresses have been passing the "sniffling, sneezing snots" back and forth, rotating taking time off.  Asoniel has been a Goddess-send, SL and RL, putting up with codeine cough syrup reactions..(makes me REALLY bitchy!), hacking in voice chat, and just generally me not being "on" most of the time!  Nice to have such a patient, understanding partner. *hugs*
     For those of you who have been asking for an update, Mom's doing better.  She's pretty much recovered from the stroke, after a bit of therapy, but this was the second one in just over a year, so it will never be the same, of course. At least she's driving again, which is a VERY good thing....unless you're behind her 15mph car. *snickers*
     It's becoming obvious to me that my priorities have shifted somewhat where SL is concerned.  Although it's where Aso and I met, and continue to spend time together, our RL connection has changed how I view SL a bit.  Phone calls, voice chat, Emails, Facebook ..... I've made friends on SL that are now for the most part RL friends as well, and that I cherish greatly, as I continue to cherish the ones that are still "SL only" friends, of course.... i.e., those that choose NOT to share their personal lives, and just live out their fantasies on SL.  That is certainly a valid purpose to the game, as well.  I know... I've done it at times my self~!
     I will probably give up the Keep after the end of the current rental period, or maybe at the end of November... haven't made a decision yet as to a time frame.  Since Aso and I partnered, well, going back to my LAST partner, I've spent less and less time there, as the local lag has driven off all of my tenants and most of my sim buddies, as well as other reasons.  It's becoming a financial necessity, as I'm looking to perhaps purchase my own sim after the first of the year, and I'm damn near paying a full sim's tier now, for only two parcels, and only using about 1750 of the prims that I'm actually renting!  I figure, after the initial layout, with careful management, I will actually be able to support my SL addiction with the sim, as long as I follow the advice that I've been given by some successful sim owning friends here.  I will divide it into a few sections, with different themes:  Medieval, and perhaps set up the Keep there...(I will keep the group active, of course... y'all have become TOO important to me, and would miss the constant haranguing that you give me!  *Loves his online family!*), a Neko area for Aso and I, as I've become quite accustomed to my tail..(get yer mind outta the gutter!  hahaha!), where he can move his main store for his clothing line, and an Elven area, or maybe that one will be a homestead sim, attached to Seven Isles... I've been talking with some of the Elders there about that, too.
     Though I personally am not that big on RP, it is nice to have our friends around in "character"..... it keeps Second Life a LOT more interesting, you know, as it frequently becomes "same ol', same ol'"... (you can only dance and shop SO much... exploring new areas is about the only "new" thing to do, usually!, and we won't EVEN get into a discussion of S(l)EX here, which pales immensly when there are REAL emotions and REAL futures to pursue, although, I'm NOT knockin' it, TRUST ME , on that one!  lol), and some of them have developped them to the point that they ARE the characters a lot of the time.  Tel is just "me", usually, as Asoniel is just "him"... well, Tel is certainly prettier than I am... can't say that of Aso and the puppetmaster behind him... both are pretty damned hawt! *grins*
     Some of my friends and family don't understand how we can just be "us" here, and be open and honest about our RL selves, but that's just our nature, I guess.  Most of our best friends here are the same way.  We only go "in character" for RP events.  It's a LOT of work being a medieval lord/neko/satyr/human/elven thingy!  HAHAHAHAHAHA!
     Anyway, as I said in a previous post, I'm following the lead now of Mistletoe, Asoniel, and many of our other friends... this blog will have both RL and SL updates now, as well as whateverthehell I wanna post.... rofl.  Music, photos, ramblings, quotes... you name it... Ecclecticism is a GOOD thing!
Wishing the peace, joy and happiness that is in MY heart to you all,

Just Kittehs on Cloud Nine!

Gets a little better each day!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

Hippie Kats!

OMG.... dude... it's... like.... 1973 all over again!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Digital Immortality!

Well, Club Sacrilege is gone, but the gang lives on in a new club.. put together by our friends Chaotic Monday, Jamie Rosenberg and Poe Rosenberg... it's called Digital Immortality!

A lot of the old Sac gang was here for the grand opening tonight.... they even gave a congratulatory shout out to Li'l Kitteh and me for gettin' partnered!  *smiles*  If y'all like Goth/Industrial/Black Euro/Punk...and some of the nicest people on SL, this IS the place to be!

Btw..... see that curtained room in the back?  It's where the Intan is located.... AND you can close the curtains! *snickers a little!*

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Just a peaceful day.....

I am VERY sick, RL.... some kinda flu, I think... was VERY nice to just sit here, on the new kitteh toy that Aso found on Xstreet, and talk, search Xstreet, and laugh a bit..... he always makes me feel peaceful, even while hacking my lungs out.... rofl....*hack hack*.... *cough*....*wheeze*.....*sigh*.... :-)

Love you, Aso, my partner!


Endings and New Beginnings.....

Well, it's over.  My dear, dear Mistletoe Ethaniel is leaving Second Life, perhaps for good.  I read her blog yesterday, where, in a beautifully written "Dear John" letter to SL, she expressed her reasons and her future hopes.  I still miss having her around NorthFarthing, and can't imagine not seeing her name pop up on my screen as she logs on and off, trading funny AV names, offering each other advice and critique on builds, clothing, any number of things.  We've cried together, laughed our selves sick together, danced together, and just had quiet chats together.   I'll miss her SO very much!
I wish you well, elflet.  You were my first TRUE friend on SL, and we will STILL remain that, through RL communication.  Keep in touch!  Don't get so lost in a new game that you totally forget about old "now where in the hell did that chair go?" Tel!

*Hugs and sniffles*

'Bout damn time!

Well, we did it...... I asked, he accepted!  Our RL romance has now carried over into SL!  (oh, wait... that's the other way around... oh, wait... how can we tell any longer, li'l kitteh?  I don't even bother!)  I just know that I love YOU, whichever world, whatever name you carry... TY for coming into my life/lives, and making it/them SO much better and brighter!
It's been a bit of a road, eh, elfling?  I love you so very much... that this has transcended SL into our Real Lives, is, to me, and here's that word again.... amazing!  All of the past has brought us here, both SL and RL.  All of our friends have carried us on their shoulders to this point, both SL and RL.  All of the traumas and all of the joys that we've experienced, both SL and RL, have allowed us to become what we are now.  I regret them not, nor do I dwell on them any longer.  With you in my heart, and in my arms, I can face whatever the world has to give... good or bad.
            With love and gratitude to all:  our family, our friends and mostly to my sons, Spanki and Miki, and young JessieCraig,  I announce the partnering of Asoniel Komachi with the OH! so grateful Teleny Macarthur!

I love you, Elfling, Li'l Kitteh, my Asoniel!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Just 'cause I love you!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh, the weather outside is frightful.....

........But in here, it's so delightful.......

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sending peaceful thoughts........

out to all my loved ones.  My son, Spanki Moulliez.... his partner, and soon to be husband, Miki Ushimawa. To my G-monster and Bebe in RL, my ailing mother, and my exlovers from SL, w/o whose influence and care I wouldn't have been able to love my kitteh in the way I do.... to all my friends on SL:  the ones that I see/talk to daily, that are there through thick and thin, and the ones that I talk to once a month, whose RL's are as hectic as my own, and we just don't seem to have the time to communicate.
     Second Life has been an interesting phenomenon for me.  Both a curse at times and a blessing, it has enabled me to "feel" again on levels that I never thought to.  Contentment, happiness, and yes, at times, anger and pain; these emotions have come roaring back into my life, because of this "game".  I  have fought dragons and beasts;  I have BEEN dragons and beasts.  I dreamed of elves after I first discovered Tolkien in the second grade with "The Hobbit", I AM an elf, most of the time.  Neko's?  An ancient oriental legend, transmuted into "living" form on SL, also something that I can now live/be at times, and that "fuck the world" attitude helps me get through my rather chaotic RL situations that I'm dealing with at the moment.
     I read Greek mythology as a child until I could quote legends, myths and stories better than a native of Athens.  Now, for a long time, and still occassionally, I lived as a satyr Lord, in a medieval keep on SL, in a beautiful sim, which I may have to give up for financial reasons, yet I have NO regrets:  not for having spent the massive amounts of time, energy and money that I did to set it all up, nor the fact that I may have to dismantle it all and move on, due to excessive lag from a nightclub located WAY over my head there.  The lag there is so bad at times that it even slows local chat, let alone IM's and rezzing/building, etc.  Yet, out of love for that place, friendship with the sim owner, and for my boys, who want to get married there, I hang on to it, even when I am usually off and running with Asoniel.  We are usually out somewhere "dancing".... i.e. talking in voice chat, getting to know each other even more deeply.... or just sitting around his Neko lair while he works on his clothing line, or we sort inventory, etc.
     Which brings me to the real reason for this pensive, contended, "damn the torpedoes and full speed ahead" attitude that I now have, both on SL and in RL..... my Asoniel.  This Neko/elfling/human being is perhaps one of the most beautiful souls that I've ever met in my life.....EITHER of them.  I was certainly not looking for love on Second Life when my dear friend Latis brought me here from RL, oh, so long ago.  It was to be a diversion, a game, a "something to do of an evening, and its "FREE"!"  Ha!  I think we all know better than THAT, don't we my friends?  HA!  I have "loved" on SL a few times;  and that has carried over into RL somewhat... getting a little stronger each time, opening my slightly jaded outlook each time a bit more, not least of which was my beloved Dobby.  That ended rather badly, which was a shame.  Wherever you are, whatever you are doing now, Angel..... no regrets, no ill will on my part.  I wish you only the best, both in SL and in RL.  Without you, I would not be capable of what I have/am feeling now.
     Asoniel, what we have is, as I've said before, simply amazing to me.  The depth of our connection, the shere strength of this unlooked for, and in the beginning, unwanted bond that we have never ceases to astound me.  When I am hurting, when I am peaceful; when I need to laugh, to cry, to curse the fates, to just hang out and giggle a little, you are there.... holding my hand when I need it, making me laugh, allowing me to cry and crying along with me.  My feelings for you have enabled me to be closer to my friends, to tolerate my RL better, to cope with an aging mother and the attendant illnesses and emotional detritus.  It has allowed me a foundation of quiet strength that lets me support others when they need it... Spanki and Miki.... my dear Mistletoe as she made a "Slife changing" transition within the "game"..... my "cuzzin" Aruin, my best male friend on SL, when he needed me for a shoulder and a laugh, both in world and out.
     You have been there for me through all the tumult of the last month. Now it's my turn.  Second Life has supported me emotionally, through some pretty heavy RL stuff, and exponentially given back to me on so many levels much MORE than the money that I've spent on this "free little game".  To be able to share not only my Second Life with someone that I care this deeply about, but also my First Life, is, well, and here's that overused word again, to me, simply "amazing".  I am here for the long haul, not only on Second Life, which I can't imagine not being part of anymore, nor my SL "family", which has become all to real for me, but also this relationship with my Li'l Kitteh.
     For those of you "off worlders" that follow my blog.... my RL family, friends and co workers... a note of caution and hope.  Second Life will "suck you in"... will give you some of the most painful and rewarding emotional moments you will ever have.  To dance with friends, cuddle with loved ones... to meet and greet your buddies and make new ones.... to have relationships, true caring friendships with people from all cultures, all countries, all ethnicities, colors and creeds are all wonderful things that SL has to offer.  I have had friends leave SL for many reasons, which were perfectly valid to them.  Just as in RL, you love, you lose, you go on, making new friends, developping new interests, learning new skills.  It provides a source of comfort, and a place to "act out" many fantasies and kill those RL demons that haunt you.  I have tried, and often succeeded in bringing many of my RL friends and others to SL.  I hope to see the rest of you here soon!
     This blog started merely as a way of allowing others to follow my SL antics and so on, but the two lives have become to intrinsically entwined that I can't imagine not letting them overlap here, as well.  So, as I started this monologue, which has become a random stream of consciousness meandering, I wish you all the peace of mind and soul that I have found here on SL, and that it will carry over into your RL as it has for me as well.
     See you inworld!

Teleny, Lord Macarthur, Macaniva Keep, Northfarthing
aka.... Papi, Big Kitteh, Big Elf, lover and friend!

I found this video on YouTube... I dedicate this to all my family and friends on Second Life.... thank you all for being there when I need you, and for letting me be the strong one when you need me, especially one VERY special "Li'l Kitteh".  You've truly "raised me up to more than I can be......".

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

New Profile pic!

Gettin' better at Gimpin' meself......(DON'T go there!  hahahahaha)

A Peaceful Kitteh Evening....

Aso has a HAWT new skin....Hands OFF, boys, this Kitteh is MINE!  HeeHee!

Just spent a nice, peaceful evening with Li'l Kitteh.... mostly working on wardrobe, and just talking.... sometimes it's the simple things that mean the most!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Majick of my Kitteh!

You have used your majickal powers to enter my heart, break down old walls, and rebuild them as a defense around my vulnerability.  Somehow, this seems appropriate this morning!
I mean... you build, you create, you "see" into people's souls, you provide comfort and wonder to the lonely and the "cold".  I can't think of a more majickal time in my life, and I have you to thank for that, me elfling.  You are simply put...... ""MAJICK!""

LOVE YOU, Li'l Kitteh!
 HeeHee... It even LOOKS a little like Asoniel!
(Pay special attention from about 4:40 - 5:40.... that's you bringing Tel back to life, lover! *smiles and huggles!*)

Monday, November 9, 2009

Li'l Kitteh.........

The intro to this song kinda sucks, but the main part says it all........

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wonderful birthday......

Just a thank you to all my friends and relations out there who made a sucky RL bday SO much better!  Most of all, to Spanki, Miki, JessieCraig, and my sweet Asoniel... w/o you all, it would have been a complete waste of air and space!  Just a coupla pics of me and my kitteh ..... ty, lover, for the beautiful new outfit, and the kilt that you made for me!

Love you!

You mean the world to me, I hope you know that.  You "calm" the tempest, you still the waters of my soul. I love you, my kitteh/elfling thingy... heehee... seriously, you are the best thing that's happened to me, in many many years.  Thank you for coming along when you did..... and I'm starting a countdown until the New Year's RL party!  *grins*

Just fun times.........

The night before last, Aso and I were talking, and it turned out that we both love classical piano music, and both have the same piano in inventory!  (go figger!)  He rezzed his at the Neko shack, and we played a few duets... (I used to play pretty well, RL, until my arthritis, which was the result of a car wreck many years ago, got so bad in my hands... this was a nice, yet somehow bittersweet reminder of that.)  We DID have a really fun time with it!
Then last night, we spent some time with Eac, Cor and their daughter Neria in Seven Isles, to kick off my RL bday weekend.  They  unfortunately had some server issues, which cut the evening short there, but me and the elfling went to Avilion Grove ballroom, where we danced the night away, then back to the Keep, where I was given a VERY special birthday surprise!!!  *grins*

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Yes, I know you do now, but........

HeeHee... NOT that far away , now!  hahahahaha

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Beautiful Word!

Just a piece of my calligraphy, recently inspired by a certain li'l kitteh/elfling.... nuff said

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Look REAL close at our right hands.... yep, we exchanged rings!  Not wedding rings, nor even yet engagement rings.... just a sign to see this to wherever it takes us rings!  (But, I don't really expect the others to be far behind, nor does he!  heehee!  Even his best friend said this morning "Oh, did you FINALLY get partnered!?!?!?"  hahahaha)

Just some romantic Kitteh moments....

I've been sitting in two days of hell.... Food service specialist training classes, to review new rules and regs, as required by the state every five years.  Sheesh... I'd rather be standing over a hot grill, feeding 500 people!
Lil Kitteh has been keeping me sane, and grounded..... just some nice kitteh time pics.  (Then BACK TO HELL TO TAKE THE TEST!)  lol
Took these dancin' last night in my Fae ring.... my son is marrying his partner, I have my lil kitteh/elfling, and all is right with the world again!

Took these next two up on the roof... just kittehs relaxin' in the moonlight!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I gots new whiskas!!!!

GOOD whiskas is hards to finds!  These are really kewl.... fine and threadlike just like the REAL ones on my RL Lil Neko's, Tayley and Snowy!!


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween pic... and some other stuff!

Had a BLAST last evening with my Aso, we went to Tainted Boys first, then to Truck's place.  Got to see Miki and Spanki a while, and some old friends.  Aso had a RL deal to go to, but we had SO much fun beforehand!

Today, we just went on a Neko shopping spree.... OMG, laughs, and fun!
We found this cute little relaxing place... for only $1L!!!  It now resides at the Neko Shack that Aso built on his property.  What a fun new toy!  (and VERY tiny... you almost HAVE to just touch each other!  heehee)

Just a fun little song I found on YouTube..... kinda speaks for itsself!