Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I think some updating is in order......(amended)

OK, I'm not usually one to go all emo and shit, but you'd think, as long as I've been on SL, at least ONE person out of the dozens on my friends list would have remembered or noticed my rezdate.  Perhaps it's time to do some rethinking on that list.

On a brighter note, expect big news here soon!  Derren and I are working on a project, that we think everyone will enjoy!  *happy face*

*Love to all,

*Actually, that first paragraph was MUCH funnier when I was writing it under the influence of three kinds of sinus medicine, but in the light of day, just sounds bitter and snartky. Honestly, I really should stay OFF the 'netz when under the influence. 
This post was just to give a heads up that while I haven't posted here in a while, it's because Derren and I have been very busy with our "project", and not for any other reasons. (I actually had someone IM me to ask if something was wrong with our relationship, because I hadn't posted "any sappy love crap" lately. LOL!) 

Saturday, January 7, 2012