Sunday, August 29, 2010

Happy Anniversary, Dom and Matt! (Updated with pics now)

     Wow.... I am so very happy.  My  dear friends, Omatthias Vidor and Dom Bamatter are celebrating the one year anniversary of their partnering this afternoon.  I think they've actually been together a little over 18 months.  These are two of the kindest, most wonderful friends that anyone could have. 
     They are the kind of friends that a person doesn't need to have daily contact with to know that the love flows bidirectionally at a constant pace.   We go for weeks, sometimes months, with no contact, because they are incredibly busy men.  I think, at last note, they owned 33 or 34 sims, (most of the enormous Gay Archipelago, actually) including the Pure Indulgence, San Francisco (THAT is one hell of a build that Dom commissioned.  Even if you don't "play" there, go see it.  The authenticity is phenomenol!), and  many other interesting gay themed sims.  Even though they have very competent estate managers, I know them..... hands on kinda people. 
     These two have been there for me through some great times, some NASTY breakups, a lot of heartache and joy.  It is with honor and priviledge that I dedicate this post to two gentlemen that I consider to the among the creme de la creme of SL.  L'chaim!

I must admit, I sat and bawled like a 12 yr old girl through the whole damned thing.  The music, Wendell Thor's speech as minister, several of my good friends from the old days there, and of course, their vows, which I kept on a notecard.  The vows were absolutely the most beautiful that I've heard two people express in either world, but so damned private, and intended for just the ones invited, and for themselves, that I won't be sharing them. 
*Happy Happy Joy Joy*

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Self Explanatory

Ever just feel something slipping through your fingers?


Monday, August 23, 2010

Some info about Emerald, and a REALLY fun night out... with the GIRLS!!!

     OK, first with this about Emerald.  Thank you Petr VanBeek for dropping me the link.  Emerald has completely broken with Modular Systems, and is reformatting the way they do business, to ensure that the nonsense doesn't happen again.  This is a good thing.  I've tried every other viewer on the list, and NONE of them come even close to the functionality of the Emerald viewers.  I, at Petr's suggestion, am going to try Kirsten's, just for my photography.  I tried it a while back, and wasn't happy, but he says that the graphics on the newest release are WONDERFUL!  He is a first rate photog in SL, so I'll take him at his word, and give it another shot, just for that purpose.  Eddi Haskell, over at his blog, also had a post that spoke highly of the graphics of Kirsten's, so it's worth a shot.
       Here's the link for the lastest I've seen on the Emerald fiasco:

     Now, on to the important stuff!!  Last night, the semi-regular Drag Night was held at the Flying Handbag in Uthoriea.  OMG!!! I haven't had THAT much fun in ages!  Jarrod had a totally "drag oriented" set, except for some requests.... and the "ladies" looked fantastic!
     Tel, as Ms. Timeless Booty, took the first place honors, followed VERY closely by Joshy as Ms. Sofonda Cox!  (That hair I found, btw, is AMAZING!  I need to get some side pics... a fully functional Steampunk clock is made into it!)
     Darling, we were FABU, but then, ALL the ladies were!  I'm tellin' ya, this needs to be a biweekly event, so that more and more will come.... it is SO much fun!  Of course, though he didn't enter the contest, our own lovely Franzi(ne?) was-- I quote here--"forced"-- with about 30 seconds of arm twisting... heh-- to join in the fun and games.... Who knew the Tiger of  Tidra, one of the most fierce warriors in all of Gay Gor, had such a lovely set of pompoms?  *giggles*

All in all, it was one of the most enjoyable evenings I've had on SL in a long, long time.  Jarrod, Xzno,Joshy, Justy,Franzi, Alic, others that I don't know, but will never forget NOW, made it a true pleasure!  Lubs my "Ladies!!"  HAHAHAHA!

*Peace and Tucking*

Sunday, August 22, 2010


   Not really been a lot going on, actually, in either world.  I've been spending some time with friends in both worlds, which is always a fun thing!  We had our big BBQ and Blues festival this weekend, but I didn't go down.  It's only a block and a half from the house, and I can hear it perfectly clear, so why pay the money, right?  Heehee....  (Yes, I'm a bit of a tightass atm, when it comes to unnecessary spending, given the job situation.)
   Saturday was a LOT of fun inworld.  My friend Pyg tp'd me to a dance that another friend, Alic was hosting.  There weren't very many there, so we had a small battle hud game going on.  I miss those days.... lots of fun in the old RP sims!  Earlier in the evening, Franzi had a visitor at Tidra, and I was invited to come RP a bit down there.  Freki showed up, as well, and I now think we have a new resident!  Should be interesting to see how the story line progresses.
    This afternoon, I'm going to start helping a dear RL friend and her husband do some landscaping (OK, I'm doing the design work, and some small labor, but mostly supervising.... lol!) on a house that they are putting on the market.  That will be a fun diversion (and mildly profitable!), as garden design is my second passion after cooking.
     Tonight is the drag dance at The Handbag, which, unfortunately, I don't have the LM to attach here handy, but y'all can IM me inworld if interested in a GREAT time.  Should be fun, and expect pics down the road! HA!  (THIS time, I'm gonna kick your stilettoed BUTT, Justyn Maurer!!!!)  HAHAHAAH!

 Everyone have a GREAT day, and a great week!

*Love and hugs*

OH, almost forgot.... I completely uninstalled all the viewers on my hard drive for SL, and did some other maintainence work.  I reinstalled several viewers one at a time, tried them all, and am now back with Emerald 2270, WITH the media issues resolved.  Thank you all for the help and advice!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Just a little video for us Sci-Fi nuts!!!

It's pretty self-explanatory.....  heh.

And this was taken by a friend of mine here in our li'l ol' home town.  I guess we're more progressive than I have given us credit for!  LOL!  (Screen #4 is hilarious, but kinda take them all together, and I sense a dark undercurrent of cannibalism in our fair community!  LOL!

And finally, JUST because *I* want a pink tank!  Not a pink tank shirt, a REAL pink tank.  Srsly.  This is WAY kewl!  LOL!

*Love and humor*

Monday, August 16, 2010

When doves cry......(and Emerald viewer is being a bitch!!!)

   When a friend is hurting, and you can do nothing......
    When a friend lashes out....
    When you have done no intentional harm....
    Realize their mindset, their inner pain....
    Let it flow over you, embrace it.

     Place blame on no party...
     Internalize their hurt...
     Amend it....
     Take the anger onto yourself....
      Do not retaliate.
     When there are no words....
      When there is no atonement...
      Remain silent in the face of silence...
      And hope the love remains...
      Until the cameraderie returns.


    Ok, now that that's out of my system, I need HELP!!!!!  I bought that TV that Spanki mentioned in his post (the one that Quagmire brought up in the comments section, actually, and Spanki gave the link to.), tried to update my Emerald (they had, as of that day, taken the new Beta down from the site, and when I try to run the LAST upgrade, my SL crashes every time as I am logging in.)  At Franzi's suggestion, I updated all of my Quick-time players, my other Flash player, my browsers (Firefox AND Explorer), and everything that he and I could think of.  I STILL can't view streaming media inworld, and know that this is no longer an Emerald issue, for he can, and others can.  I've tried using the local browser, and my defaut ones, both of them.  Sometimes I get sound, but no picture.  Movies I can view, if they are html based, but not Youtube videos and the like, nor the streaming news and such internet TV channels.  The TV is configured properly, as he has no problems viewing them, just some issues with the controls, which I *think* was because I had access permissions set wrong.  I am running Windows 7 on a 64-bit system, and have updated all devices and programs accordingly.  If ANYONE has a potential solution to this problem, please feel free to comment here, or for those of you that are on Facebook, drop me an email.  TYVM in advance.  This is driving me NUTS!!!! 
     Personally, I think this is a 64-bit issue, but have yet to hear back from Emerald support.  I've also tried running 32-bit versions of these viewers, flash players, etc.  Both versions work fine in every other program I have, except SL.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr............  I currently run Emerald 1636, have tried 2700, and actually had the new beta installed, but it doesn't work right 64-bit, so uninstalled it, and now their link to it is pulled. Halp!!!!!

*First one with a suggestion that works gets a pixilated cookie!*


Friday, August 13, 2010

Just a few vids!!

You know me and my parodies..... love it!  Thanx, Justy for postin' it on FB!

Today's Diva's ain't got nuttin' on the broads from yesteryear!  Eat yer hearts out, Gaga, Celine, Madonna..... heehee!  (As one commentor on the original post wrote..."It's the Churchill, Stalin, and Roosevelt of gaydom!)

Ethel Merman, Ann Miller, Carol Channing and Della Reese:  THIS is camp, folks.... and TRUE Divahood!!!!

OK, and one final parody... this is a little naaaaaasty, but funny as hell!!!

*Peace, Parodies and DIVAS!!!*

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


      Well, I spent most of the day moping IRL yesterday, deciding that logging in to SL and taking that out on my friends would not be beneficial to either them or me.  I was offered a job, finally, and had to turn it down.
      The job was at a local "big box store", I won't name a name, because I have applied for other positions there, as well, and was something that I was really interested in.  It was, however, misposted on their job board.  It was listed as a full time baking position, 35+ hours a week, full benefits, etc.  When the lady called me for an interview (over the phone.... she sorta knew me from another job that I had several years ago, and didn't need to see that I dress appropriately, bathe, etc... or so she said.  Heh.  I don't remember her at all, but we WERE a very busy place with lots of diners!) she told me that it was really part time, which is described as between 0-32 hours a week, pays minimum wage, which is what I'm making on UE now, with NO guarantees that I would get any hours at all.  She did say that most of the part-timers got about 8-16 hours a week.   She also told me that there was absolutely NO chance of this going full time in the future, nor any benefits.
     She went on to tell me that they were hiring five of these positions.  My question to her was.....could I have 2-3 of the positions, because I need full time work, or very close to it, to justify losing the UE.  Hell, if there had even been a chance of this going full time permanent, I would have jumped on it, to get my foot in the door.  Her response was "That's not how our policy works, hun... I'm sorry."  I believe she meant it.  At this point, since I'm on an extension, I would lose my UE, instead of it just covering the $$ difference.   I can barely make ends meet now, let alone risking making 60-120 bucks a week.  I make 300$ now.  If I was still on first tier, so it would pay the difference, I would still take it.  I dunno..... I think I"ve hit that damned if you do/ damned if you don't wall.  Our system is broken, badly. 
       I hate being on the "system".  I can't afford to lose my house, though, for a job that the boss of the department assured me basically is a no win situation.   This has happened to others that I know.  At the least, I AM grateful for her honesty though in not misleading me on the future potential of the position.   I have had one other interview that I actually found out that the interviewer outright lied to me about just that to try and get me to "sign on", because, in spite of the fat, blubbering asshole that I used to work for and his lies, my skills are first class in my field, and until him, I had a sterling reputation here, both as a cook and as a manager.  The interviewer's boss actually called me and corrected the "accidental misstatements" made by the interviewer at that one,when he found out, though.  I notice that the interviewer is no longer with that company either, since I saw her filing for UE at the WorkOne office the other day.  Hmmmmm..
     Anyway, today is another day..... and life, such as it is, goes on, hopefully for the better!  As a real life friend of mine posted on FB the other day...."In life we all have an unspeakable secret, an irreversible regret, an unreachable dream and a unforgettable love..."  I replied: "All of which can be made bearable by having unflinching faith in ourselves."  Perhaps I need to take my own advice.

Here's a few pics that really made me chuckle.  Laughter really IS the best medicine!

*Peace and Gratefulness for humor!*

Monday, August 9, 2010

Just.... um.... *pant pant pant*

  Ok, the music isn't the best.  Who gives a shit? *grins and drools a bit*

*Peace and NahmNahm's*

Saturday, August 7, 2010


    Last night I actually got to spend some time with Madelaine, my sister-in-law.  We rarely get to do that, as our time differences, and her RL job keeps us apart, but I just love this lady that has made my sister so very happy!  If time zones aren't keeping us apart, either her SL job as a DJane at Club Derailed or my many and varied commitments get in the way.  Anywho, it was nice to get to cuggle, as she calls cuddlehuggles, and catch up a bit.  Surprisingly enough, boobies don't hurt...... but really, hers are about the only ones I feel safe this close too... heehee!!  Hope your RL "ick" clears up soon, and you feel better, sweetie!  Summer "ick" always seems to be worse than winter "ick" for some reason.

     I finally got a chance to pop over to Tainted Boys again the other day, where I was fortunate enough to catch up with some old friends, and was joined later by Franzi.  There's not really much to say about it, it was just a nice mellow hour or so, chatting with Ado and Trace until Trace had to log off, hearing Pierrick's last set there before he goes on holidays until September, and of course, yackin' with Franzi, Terry, Osy and several other old friends, some of whom I haven't seen in ages.  That's always fun!

I happened to see this unique, and I think wonderful AV there.  I did not catch the lady's name, nor the equally wonderful gal that was with her, who popped out before I could get my camera focused.  Franzi and I agreed.... doesn't she look kind of "Tim Burtonesque"?
Oh, and apparently, my new look is ok.  I had some rather.... um..."interesting" IM offers from a couple of gentlemen there that I'd not met before, who obviously didn't know my "Ice Queen" reputation these days as far as SLex goes.  That's always good for a giggle!  LOL!

     Hmmmmm...... I think I'll just close with "Miss you, my Dark Angel, and hope that you read this, and you are well."    *sigh*


Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Last evening......

     Last evening, an SL/FB friend of mine IM'd me out of the blue, with his first words being: "I'm not sure if you read my FB post, but I think I'm serious about leaving SL this time.... there's just nothing to do, and no reason for me to be on here anymore."  Needless to say, such statements out of nowhere throw a person's mind into either a numbed shock, or overdrive, the latter of those two being my usual reaction.  We talked a bit in IM, then I tp'd him over to my place, and we sat and talked and cuddled.
     I actually know the real person behind this AV better than I do the AV himself, as we friended through mutual SL acquaintances on FB first.  He is one of the sweetest, kindest, most caring individuals that I've had the pleasure to know in any of my lives, to be honest.  There is an almost child-like innocence about him.... a naivete and simpleness of soul that I attribute to him being of ethnic Chinese origin, that ancient People that has had SO much longer to mature and realize what REALLY matters in life than us Westerners, and a Buddhist.  Unfortunately, this very sweetness and honesty also opens him up to a world of pain that perhaps the more jaded of us don't feel as much.
    As we talked, and got to the heart of his turmoil, what it broke down to was this:  His support groups have all dwindled in SL, and as his "community" has shrunk, he's limited his own options here in this surreality we all share.  I understand this all to well myself, as I've been guilty of it myself.  Frequently.... perhaps TOO frequently at times.  He likes to build, to design, to create FOR others, not for profit, but for friends.  I like to help people develop their AV's into as close to "full potential" as possible within the limits of SL, also not for profit, but just for the sheer joy of helping others.  His partner on SL, who was the one that introduced him and me on FB, is so rarely on SL anymore that it really doesn't count.  His "home", a gay sim that no longer exists, has disappeared.  He's slightly over 3 yrs old on SL, and has hit that "been there, done that, somebody find me something fun to do" stage that many of us older folks on here get to. 
    As he talked, I began to see myself in his words.  He has a continuity to his AV, in that he's had the same critter for his whole time on SL, that I lack, as I left then came back several months later as Tel, but the similarities are eerie.  He's got a very active social life RL, a good job, and so on, and is rather young RL, as well... I believe under 30, but I could be wrong, as I don't really pay much attention to such things.  (OK, so the active social life, good job, and youth are NOT something we share, but there is an empathy between us, and our SL situations are similar, k?  Just thought I'd save some smartass the trouble...HA!!!)  While we blithered to each other, it became apparent that we all NEED our support groups on SL, just as in RL.  Emotionally, he'd given up, so I've offered to take him around to Tainted Boys (when we can both be on at the same time.... he's in western Canada, and has very active weekends socially with RL friends) and Club Industry, and so on, and introduce him to some of my friends.  Perhaps this will give ME a reason to drop some of my mopiness (I think I just made a new word!  LOL!) on SL, and see old familiar places in a new light.
    This is often the case with me, don't know about y'all.  When I "adopt" a noob, or in this case, a "lost soul", it helps to shore up MY sense of "self within the wonders", and let's me experience our shared alternate reality through their eyes.  Him being such a wonderful person to begin with, I think this will be one of my favorite "projects" to date! (And, no, we are NOT dating, for those of you that insist that EVERYTHING that Tel does is sexually motivated!  LOL!!!!)
    On a VERY pleasant note, my dear friend Franzi has decided to let others help out, and he's keeping Tidra open, at least through the end of the year, so I won't be homeless on SL!  YAY!!!  It is such a wonderful build, and he's quite literally worked his skinny little ass off on it.  Due to an, um... "issue" with some screens and that damned SL alpha layer overlap thingy, the Kitteh's Kastle area has been revamped a bit, so y'all drop me an IM, and come see the changes sometime... I kinda like the new look!  Oh, and we have a pond for swimming now!  YAY!!!  Thanx, Franzi!  We had a wonderful conversation with Rammy there the other night.... I love our little soirees... now if we could just get "certain other people" back to SL to take part...... *sigh*....
    One funny thing  happened yesterday, though.  (Yeah, I'm babbling, but it's my blog, and I'll babble if I want to... babble if I want to..... lol!).  I have a straight friend that I adopted from my EBM club I hang in, or perhaps he adopted me... anyway... he IM's me with this..."Dude.... you ARE the cockmeister.... PLEASE help me with my dick!"  Ok, this in itself started me giggling.  Then when he shows up at my place, as a giant red Bunneh Fur, tricked out with sci-fi goggles, laser Borg attachments, and so on, with this HUGE miscolored penis sticking out at a strange angle, I lost it. He gave me perms, laid the penis on the ground, and further hilarity ensued as the modifications began.  Here I am, changing the color/size/angle of this straight man's, er.... Wabbit's.... bunneh penis, manually moving it around on his body while it's not actually attached to him, with it fully erect, and him stoned off his ass RL.  As you can imagine, the conversation was HILARIOUS, and I actually had tears running down my face I was laughing so hard.  Ah, it's SO much fun to be me, sometimes!  (Cockmeister.... ROFL!!!!!)
    Hmmm..... final ramble.... Tel has cut his hair.  I know, right?  Hell didn't freeze over, there was no rain of frogs, nor any other biblical pestilence.  I really don't know how long this will last, as I DO have a bit of a hair fetish, but meanwhile, I'm enjoying being a hairy chested, short haired gorilla of a man again.  With guyliner, of course... ROFL!!!!
Yes, I have "hair" on, but found a GREAT short one that fits Tel's face, I think, quite well at Bryce.  I love modifiable hair!!  I had to move, I think it was.... 48 prims individually, and recolor them.  The bulk of the "hair build" fit fine, but had to work around those damned skinny high cheekbones... lol!
Heh.... How butch is that!  ROFL!!!

And the best part.... I CAN HAZ HATS NOW!!!  At least ones that aren't big enough to live in.  ROFL!!

*Peace, and spreading the love *