Thursday, December 31, 2009

Wrapping up 2009..............

Well, 2009 has certainly been an interesting year to say the least.  I think perhaps the most significant thing early in the year was my return to Second Life after a long absence.  It had changed so much since my first experiment with it, that I really WAS a noob all over again. The few "old buddies" that were still around from those days were welcoming, and the new friends that I made were/are simply amazing.  I gained a whole new family with my Macaniva Clan, gained a "cousin" from afar in Aruin, and of course, my beloved Mistletoe and Eacen and Corinda.  There are WAY to many of you to mention on here by name, but you know who you are, and what you mean to me.
     Mistletoe, my guiding light, has gone from SL now, moving on to greener pastures in Open Life, where her building skills are highly in demand.  Aruin and I keep in touch on Facebook, though RL has prevented him from returning to SL for the most part.  I've loved and lost, holding nothing but respect for the ones that moved on, and wish you nothing but the best.  Many, if not most of my SL friends are now RL friends, with frequent contact outside of this "game" (yeah, right!) that we "play".  I cherish all of the bonds that I've found inworld, and am so happy that we've used this "social networking experiment" as just that..... a stepping stone to deeper and more wonderful ties in our personal lives.
     As many of you know, well, all of you if you read this blog... I've had some ups and downs in the job area, and am currently looking for new employment... anyone need a private chef?  LOL!  I hope to find new employment soon, so I can leave what has been an increasingly difficult situation, but for the mean time, am TRYING to just suck it up and deal.
     The recent fire at my home is well underway to being "fixed".  Perhaps all disasters are not bad things in the long run.  My house will have better insulation, better wiring, a new water heater, etc..  Sometimes, as my beloved says, "things happen for a reason".  Yep, baby, once again you are right!  Work is progressing steadily... slowly, but I live in a home built in the 1860's, and in a historic district, so there are guidelines for materials and construction that must be met, to keep the integrity of the site intact.  Ok by me, as this only increases the value of the property.
    Mom's health has become increasingly precarious this year, as many of you know, with the second stroke in September, and some other issues, but all in all, kinda "leveling out"..... she's an old workhorse, won't slow down, and that's just fine.  As long as she keeps going, I'll be there to support and cherish her, all the while attempting to keep the peace in the family.... ah, we ARE a contentious bunch, us Irish/Jewish/Native American/Baptist/Catholic/Wiccans! ROFL!
     Finally, the most important thing that happened to me this year.... My beloved Asoniel.  Baby, you have made this all, ALL of it, much easier, and bearable.  Your love, your support, has been invaluable, and you have filled that empty hole in my heart that David's death left oh so long ago.... I love you so very much.  Thank you for coming into my life, then choosing to stay, in SPITE of me!  *grins*

I wish you all...... friends, family, loved ones, and even those that have moved on outta my life, both SL and RL, all the best in the New Year... Peace, Prosperity, Love, and the fulfillment of dreams.  May your respective Gods bless each and every one of you, and may you know the gratitude and peace of mind that I have currently.  Slainte!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

And still moving right along.....

     Well, the contractor that I've engaged is still moving right along... he's removed the worst of the burnt out section of the front wall, but thinks that he will have to go ahead and replace it all.  This is a little problemattical, as I live in a historic home, in a state and federally regulated historic district.  My hometown, which was founded in 1809, is listed in the National Historic Register, and we have very strict federal guidelines and local laws that must be followed for such work.  It's ok, though, because I'm having him use authentic materials (i.e. wood clapboard siding, and we're salvaging the porch roof skirt, and the fish-scale shingles above the porch line, etc.), so we should have no problems with the Historic Board.  It does slow things a bit, but I can't complain, as tourism is our no. 1 industry here at the moment.  The more people in town, the more people that eat, the better the business at the diner!
     He's taking Sundays off, which is kinda good, because it gives me my one day off from work to sleep in a bit, then to do laundry, etc., but I'm getting tired already of living in just two rooms of my house!  Ha! (I am a BIT of an impatient person... NO, you say!  ROFL!)  I'll try to remember to get/post some pics later of the work as it progresses.  I'm just glad that I hadn't put up all my Christmas decorations this year.  Usually, there is greenery all over the front porch, and ribbons/trees/tinsel/garlands/textiles etc. all over the living room.  I can't imagine the damage that would have caused, had all that extra tinder been in place when the fire broke out, because the Christmas Tree always has sat right in front of the wall that the fire started in! (See, honey, everything DOES happen for a reason!)
     Well, off to have a bit of RL fun.... laundry, vacuuming plaster/wood dust off the rugs in the rooms that I'm living in, taking HER to Wally World  (my LEAST favorite place on earth, except my job!), and so on.... Y'all have a great day!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Just a pic, a smile, some wistful tears, and a song.......

Here's a pic of me and the li'l kitteh just hangin' around in the woods, after a BIG ol' snowfall.... cuddles DO keep ya warm!  *Smiles*

Asoniel, my love, this one is for you in RL.  I'm missing your physical self horribly, but "feel" your presence and your arms around me at night when I sleep.  I'm glad we have SL until the next visit!

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Holiday songs for Dec. 24th.....

Just a few personal favorites.... hope you enjoy them!

And this one goes out to all the very special people that have been so supportive, not only through this time of trouble for me personally, but throughout the last year that I've been on SL, and to my RL friends....through the joys and the triumphs that we've shared, both in RL and in SL.... through the sorrows and the heartache... friends, family, lovers, and yes, even those that I've left behind, or those that have moved on from my chosen path... I love you all, and wish you nothing but the very best for this joyous season, and the upcoming year! 

my beloved partner in both worlds,
though we can't be together physically for the holiday itself,
I wish you a Very Merry Christmas, my love!

God bless you all.

Moving right along.....

Well, the insurance company is moving right along, it seems.  The cleaning crews started today, well, they took ALMOST all my stuff out of the rooms that were damaged.  Unfortunately, they didn't know that to an antique collector, that a high backed chair from the late 1800's with the original upholstery, even though a bit threadbare in some place, is STILL a valuable piece, nor is a steamer trunk dating to 1912, that has a hand rubbed oil finish, nor apparently, my television.  They do now.  *grins*
 I have the new door up already on the side of the house, where the firemen, god bless 'em!, busted it down to get to my RL kittehs.  The contractor is gonna start the day after Christmas, I think, on the demolition of the lower part of the front wall, which includes a "gut and rebuild" and rewiring, etc. 
ServiceMaster, a professional cleaning service, will be in after they are done, to do the finishing touches on the hardwood floors, walls, etc. 
Again, thank you to all that have offered such good support right now, and especially to my li'l kitteh... you've been a blessing, love, and I don't know how I would have gotten through this without your shoulder, and smile!
Love you!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Update and music!!!! (or, life goes on, don't it?)

     First and foremost, I want to thank all the many people who have expressed sympathy, support, offered help etc. here, on Facebook, in email, on the phone, however, when I got back online yesterday.  The outpouring of love from friends and complete strangers has been amazing.  Those who doubt the power of the internet to forge strong, lasting bonds, friendships, and yes, loving "family" relationships, can talk to me.  I'll set them straight very quickly!
     On the fire/insurance front, it's moving along quickly.  The adjuster was here yesterday, took photos, looked around, and recommended some contractors that the insurance company uses regularly: that being said, however, since I live in a historic home in a historic district, I think for the structural/cosmetic work on the house, I'll use a local contractor who knows our ordinances etc..  I WILL use the other one recommended by the inspector for general cleaning, as they use professional services that guarantee their work, and can remove the smoke smell both chemically and with ionization chambers that the locals don't have access to.  The only things that really need to be "replaced" out of all my furniture are some upholstered items, and so on.  The paintings, mostly oils and acrylics, can be salvaged and cleaned, but not really sure about some of the ornate, plaster work antique frames that I had them in.  We'll see.
    I am missing my Aso very much.  This man is simply amazing.  He kept me from crying all weekend with his own jokes, cuddles while watching Christmas shows on the TV at the hotel, and so on.  We had a wonderful dinner out Sunday night, and then went to see Avatar, which is a kinda formulaic movie, but the graphics... OMG, WOW~~~~~!!!  It was a really fun night, and let me "forget about the shit" for several hours.  Thank you so much, love!  I am looking forward to your next visit, or perhaps it will be MY turn next time.  We'll see.  The bank told me yesterday that they can approve either a second mortgage on the properties (I own two in joint ownership with my mother.) or a refinance, perhaps;  I might just get that newish car after all!  We'll just have to see how quickly the restoration on the house goes.  No matter what is going on, though, this will certainly be a Christmas to remember, both as one of the worst and best that I've ever had!
      Here is my offering for the resumption of the Holiday music.... I'm not a Christian, as many of you know, but the gratitude and thankfulness that I feel to "Whatever Is Out There" is simply profound.  This song has a twofold meaning to me, both a nod to my Christian upbringing, and my current status as Wiccan, with the Divinity of the Mother expressed so vividly.  However your personal beliefs lead you, may you have the peace of soul that I've found both through love of partner, family, and friends, and faith in the "Other".  May your respective Gods bless each and everyone of you! 


Monday, December 21, 2009

The Weekend from Heaven and Hell......

     Well, what was to be our first weekend together in RL, the weekend of romance, dancing, and delight... started off with a firey, unplanned twist.  I was as work about 10 AM Saturday morning, when my mother called me. "Hey, you better come home, your house is on FIRE!"  OMG... I told my waitress/backup cook what was going on, stopped, or rather ran through the other restaurant that my employers own, and told one of the owners, and loped as fast as the arthritis in my feet would let me the three blocks home, only to see flames shooting out of the front wall of my house, and black smoke billowing into the air.  If you've never experienced this, the feeling can't be described.  The front of my house, an 1860's gingerbread trimmed shotgun style, was the only part of it that I'd had the money/time to "finish" since I bought it.  Ruined.
      To hand it to our local, all volunteer fire departments, they had it out in less than an hour and a half, and with the most minimum damage that my insurance adjuster said he's seen in many years.  My house is full of antiques, and other family/purchased collectibles.  They got in the front door with the key, and then used the hoses from the inside out, rather than the usual way, outside in, in order to minimize the water damage. Godz bless them!  All I really lost, other than structural damage, was a couple of paintings, and some upholstery.  They even managed to miss my grandmother's Victrola, which was sitting right against the wall that had been on fire!
     In the meantime, I had sent my mother inside HER house to call "Asoniel" and tell him NOT to start down here from where he lives in the northermost part of the state.  It's a 4 1/2 hour drive or so, and I wasn't sure of damage/where I was to stay, whatever.  He called back in an hour and a half, and said he was coming anyway, that he wanted to be with me in this horrible time, and that he loved me.  How could I refuse that?  What a sweet, adorable, loving mate I have!
     Here are some pics of the fire damage, and a coupla ones of me and my li'l Satelfteh... I do NOT photograph well... I look like a bald 48 yr old man in pictures, whereas in MY mind, I'm merely a 25 yr old stud with long hair still.... apparently, HE sees me with my mind's eye, as he assures me I'm cute and sexy.... (either that, or he needs MUCH better contact lenses!)  HE, of course, is a total babe, with no photoshopping necessary to make him perfect!  Love you, Kitteh~!
     Any other pics from the weekend... well, I think perhaps I'll just keep them to myself! *winks and geezer grins!*

Love y'all, and will resume holiday posts tomorrow, or later this evening, if possible... still not able to stay here at home, as I have no heat at the moment, and electricity only in two rooms.  At least the insurance is moving swiftly, and put me and my honey up in a nice hotel for the weekend, complete with spa bathtub!  (heehee... that was kinda fun, actually!)  He tells me everything happens for a reason... perhaps he's right.  The fire certainly kept any last minute jitters away while he was enroute to see me, and when he walked up on my porch the first time, and we collapsed into each other's arms, it was more "Oh, sweetie, I'm glad you're home!", rather than "awkward teen at his first dance".  Love you, my Asokitteh.... and look forward to your NEXT visit! (Hopefully, it will be MUCH less exciting, unless WE make it that way!)

The pics above are of just a part of the damage from the fire.  The ones below are of the happy benefit that came out of the weekend.  Remember, love IS blind, and, obviously, so is my kitteh!  ROFL!

Kitteh after he picked me up for the trip to the hotel.

Aso standing in the diner... yes, Goma, this one is the PROOF that he DID come in to see you!

Final pic, right before Aso left for his drive north.... be careful, li'l Satelfteh, and come back to me soon!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Off for the weekend.....

Well, this is it... My kitteh is coming to see me in RL!!!  YEAH!!!! (weather permitting, of course... I'd rather postpone, and have him safe, than have him risk life and limb out on the highways here in bad snow or ice!)

Since we'll neither one be online this weekend, I'll post you a coupla extra vids... have a great weekend, and see you on Monday night!

(If this one doesn't give you chills, you're dead already!)

It's beginning to look a lot like......

Christmas!  We have snow forcast for today, perhaps... we'll see.  As long as it doesn't prevent a "certain someone" from hitting the road for a VERY important trip, it's all good!  Enjoy!

Less than 36 hours, baby!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday song for Today....

Enya is one of my favorite artists, and this version, sung in Irish, speaks to my ancestry... hope you like it!


Sunday, December 13, 2009

Today's song.......

A classic..... Gene Autry.. no one has sung this one quite the same.  One of my favorite childhood holiday songs.. hope you enjoy it as much now!

Days left........

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Today's Holiday Song.....

These two are classics, and favorites of mine.  Hope you like them too!

=^-^=   !!!ONE WEEK!!!  =^-^=

Another evening, another dance!

     Our "other family", the Seven Isles gang, had another dance last night.  These are some of the warmest, most lovely tempered people that you would wanna meet anywhere, RL or SL.  As we recently established the Facebook "Seven Isles" group, we've all gotten much closer in RL, too, making friends with each other not only inworld, but also in the "outlands".  The sims are beautiful, and so are the people!  This particular dance took place on the dock at the Brenn sim.... the one for "pirate" RP... magnificently DJ'd by our own Eacen Taurus... it was a "jukebox" dance... i.e. donate 10L and you can hear whatever you want, be it love songs..."yeah, I played THAT one just for YOU, li'l kitteh!"... or dance tunes, or whatever.  Of course, Eac played his now famous...(infamous?)... mashups, including the Dr. Who one that he knows is my Aso's fave!


HeeHee, and thx for the Bear prezzie, sweetie.. he's adorable! (And your little Grinch... 'bout the cutest shoulder pet of yurs YET that I've seen.)

Friday, December 11, 2009

A wonderful evening....

Last night, Aso and I spent the evening just talking, while waiting for a RL friend of his to log onto SL.  When she did, I was amazed!  She's one of the funniest, warmest people that I've met.  Thank you for inviting me into that aspect of you, my dear! Your friends are rapidly becoming mine, and just think.... you Mom has stated it clearly.... "Hey, you won over Mom, so don't worry about anything else!"  (paraphrased, of course... but what a gracious, funny lady!) And remember, Chuck Norris love you too, and so does the G-monster from MY life!  ROFL!

Here's a coupla pics from Aso's shop, all decorated up for the holidays, and a very special song, that I dedicate to you and the upcoming "event", my li'l Satelfteh!  Love you! (OMG... EIGHT DAYS LEFT!)


I count my blessings every day, my "multiworld" partner! (SL, RL, OL, now you gotta get me on WOW, and then we'll concquer Blue Mars!  heehee!)  This is shaping up to be the BEST holiday EVAH!

Ok, so I overslept

     In response to the SEVEN emails that I got complaining that there was no Holiday tune yesterday, (sheesh!), I want to apologize.  I overslept and was runnin' late for work!  lol!  So, today, you get bonuses!  Enjoy!

Ok, not my favorite rendition, but, IMHO, one of the best "natural" voices of the current generation...

Four Beautiful Italian Men... Four Beautiful Voices...A Beautiful song... need I say more?

OK, this one ALWAYS makes me cry... what a wonderful song, and sentiment... brings the TRUE meaning back to the holiday..... as my own mother ages, and becomes more feeble, after two strokes and a minor heart attack, it's taken on a new specialness to me.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Bonus Tune!!!!

Ran across this on Youtube... thought it was funny!  Enjoy!

Holiday song for the day.....

This is one of my fave Christmas songs...... here's a really cute video version that I found on Youtube.... heehee!

And here's the ONLY voice that REALLY counts on this one!

OMG, Li'l Satelfteh, only TEN DAYS LEFT!!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Today's Holiday Song.....

     This beautiful song, sung here by the group Il Divo, always makes me tear up.  What a wonderful version!
     I'd like to give a shout out to all my Christian friends, today, wishing you the Peace and Blessings that this time of year brings.  Merry Christmas!

Eleven days left, Satelfteh!

A Wonderful Holiday Dance! or Impromptu is Often Best!

     Last night, my Dryad "sister", Corinda Taurus, and her RL and SL hubby, Eacen Taurus, launched an impromptu Christmas/Yule/Whateverholidayyoucelibrate dance at Seven Isles, mine and Aso's "home away from home".  These two, along with just about everyone else that showed up at the dance, have become really good friends of mine in both worlds, where we communicate not only on SL, but in Facebook, Messenger, etc.  That reminds me, I promised Eacen some Holiday music emails.... better get crackin'.  The hooves on that Centaur would leave some pretty nasty bruises if he had to kick my butt!  LOL!
     The Seven Isles builds (three sims, fantasy RP, loosely, VERY loosely based on Narnia and Tolkien) are magnificent, and dressed to the teeth for the season, atm.  The link above deliberately sets you down in a different place than the giant Tree that the dance was held around, as you really need to wander around enjoying the sights, while you search for it!
     We had a blast, dancing, chatting with friends both old and new, and just being together with our "Family".  What a warm, wonderful night!


         And, oh, yeah, the ONLY thing black I wore were my boots!  Elfling, you're an inspiration... who knew that clothing came in other colors?!?!??!  ROFL! And on a personal note, I'm so very happy to all the Seven Isles family for their acceptance of  my Aso... to have your family accept your partner as if he had been there all along, is a wonderful thing! (and now, honey, you're little Miss Neria's "Mr. Aso", too... better not break that kid's heart, 'cause I suspect she could kick your ass!  ROFL!)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Twelve Days!

     Although probably my least favorite of the traditional Christmas songs, if only because of the length and repetitive nature of it, it seems appropriate to post this one now, as it is only TWELVE DAYS until I get the best Christmas prezzie that I've had in years.  This song, assumed to be secular in nature, actually came into being in one of two ways:  (I've seen documentation on both, but the backgrounds are similar... here's a link to the meanings of the verses.)  Either it appeared in England during the reign of Henry the VIII, during his persecution of Catholics after his split with the Roman Church, or it appeared during the reign of his daughter, Bloody Mary, during her years on the throne, when she attempted to put the Anglican Church of her father back in the box.  A little confusing, but, either way, the hidden meanings are the same.
     I, however, have posted these two versions, one with traditional words, but sung a LITTLE untraditionally, heehee, and the Shrek version.  This does not imply a disrespect to my Christian friends (as most of you know, I am Wiccan, yet still love this time of year, which has special meaning to MY colleagues as well, and is chock full of ancient, pre-Christian symbolism, anyway!), but merely find these very fun!   Hope you enjoy them!

What a beautiful place!

After reading my son, Spanki's, blog, and kinda being at a loss for entertainment last night, due to the Sunday night "Well, we have to go back to work here in the US" syndrome on SL, I suggested to Aso that we tour the Great Wall of China sim.  Being a collector of  antique Japanese and Chinese art in RL, as well as Indian and Thai, I thought it looked interesting.  Spanki, you were right..... this is one MAGNIFICENT build!  I recommend that anyone that likes ancient, pre-Communist Chinese or ancient, pre-Westernized Japanese culture visit these linked sims, or just anyone that admires authenticity (within the realms of SL, of course) or just a damn artistic build.  The textures and detail are simply amazing, and even the ambient is a soothing blend of market sounds, chinese/japanese traditional music, voices speaking different dialects of those languages and so on.  The music varies from sim to sim, but is authentic and relaxing.  We spent, I think, well over an hour there, and STILL didn't see everything.  For some reason, the Japanese areas seem laggier than the Great Wall part, but, all in all, not that bad.  Enjoy!  We sure did.

(Yes, that IS Tel, with short hair, a hat, and NO BLACK CLOTHES!  I really AM trying, honey!  LOL)

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Today's holiday song......

A fave from my childhood, this is the recording done by the original Alvin and the Chipmunks.... Enjoy!

Thirteen Days, Li'l Satelfteh!!  OMG!!

What a wonderful holiday season....

This is turning into one of the best holiday seasons that I've ever had.  I've already been given my best prezzie in years, in my Asoniel.  He's an amazing man, SL and RL, and, since we've decided to pursue "this thing" that we have in RL, as well, to see where it leads, we've drawn even closer, if that is possible.  I love you, li'l Satelfteh!

Last night, we went dancing at a wonderful sim, the Slurl for which I will not share, because it's relatively empty, and we like the privacy... heehee... but, if you find it on your own, we'll "high five" ya for yer ingenuity, and welcome you with open arms!  The music is mostly Sinatra, Ella F., etc.... great old classics from the late thirties through the early sixties....and the Intan has over EIGHT blue screens of dances to choose from... really a nice place!  The build itsself is kinda "waggles hand", but the music, dancing and companionship...*smiles*... more than made up for the lack of esthetics.


After we finished dancing, we hit the MM boards, of course..... thank you for sharing your addiction, sweetie!... but we found the neatest Christmas sleigh/swing, and stopped for a cuddle (or two!  heehee!)

After all that dancin' and runnin' around, it was time to go home, but we DID have enough energy left for one more huggy dance before night-night.  Very sweet, dancin' shirtless with my li'l kitteh, still in suit pants and dress shoes.  Don't get much better than that! Btw, any FURTHER pics from the evening are pvt.  *snickers*

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Gotta love Betty Boop!

Last evening, Aso and I were settin' around the Neko Shak, yakkin' our ears off in VC, while he was searching Xstreet for a little sumpin' sumpin' to give his loyal AKC clothing purchasers for Christmas, and I was off on Facebook playing Bejeweled Quest. (Which, btw, is highly addictive, frustrating as hell, and OMG, Aso, HOW did you get THAT high of a score?  Are you cheating on me with the programmers for tips?  LOL)  I decided to help him out by searching through the highly inadequate search engine of SL.
     Thinking that I'd developped a lead with my sleuthing skills... NOT!.... I came across a fantastic little Christmas sim that had animated textures that twinkled, and played holiday music.  Although I really wanted the one that played the Chipmunks' Christmas song, (didn't play very well, appeared to have a piece of the music or two missing... ), I turned around and saw one that featured Miss Boop, that wonderful, campy lady of the 1930's, pre-censorship era.  A gay icon, of course, for her delightful drag, and ballsy attitude, she was the original feminist of the cartoon world, whose boyfriend was a dog, and always had to fight off the advances of leacherous employers, landlords and suitors.
     I, of course, simply HAD to get it for my own little "Betty B.", who, in spite of runnin' around with his undies hangin' out a lot of the time, and Godz forbid we get him in a shirt, is one of the most naively innocent and sweet li'l kittehs that you'll ever meet!  So, here, for your listening and viewing pleasure, is what I was assured by an ancient drag queen many years ago, the "official gay Christmas song!" Sung by Helen Kane, who, along with Clara Bow, was one of the inspirations for Betty B., I hope you enjoy this song as much as we do!

OMG!  Merely a fortnight left, Li'l Kitteh!

Friday, December 4, 2009

The original version......

I loved this song as a kid, and it holds up even today, 40 some odd years later..... the original recording, (with new video), and still the best!  (REALLY don't understand the "my humps" ending the author of this vid tacked on though!  LOL)

15 Days!

Thursday, December 3, 2009

I just HAD to!!!!

OMG.... as a gay man, of a certain age..... I HAVE to post this alternate version of "Baby, it's cold outside!"  My goodness, can you get any more campy than Tallulah and Jack?  Enjoy, ladies!

Today's Seasonal Song.....

The radio station that we usually have our place set to, is now playing seasonal songs.... and this one seems to pop up MORE than all the rest.  Aso, I KNOW that this is your fave song now...*snickers*.... so, this one's for YOU babe!  (and he lopes off to work, laughing hysterically!)

Hey, at least I found the best version I could!  Louise Page and Ella Fitzgerald!  Classic!
16 days and counting, baby!

Farewell to old friends......

     Well, last night was the closing night for the Cat and Dog Pub... the little "New England corner place" that my dear friend Mistletoe Ethaniel ran in SL.  Her "sister", Clover, has already closed her kitchen shop, Clover's Kitchen, that was next door.
     Mist and her hubby (RL and SL), Archimedes Skytower, gave the final performance of their live group, Cat Agus Cu, to a packed house of sometimes laughing, sometimes tearful fans, friends and family.  People were popping in and out all night, and there were group IM's from many who couldn't physically be at the concert, as Mist's live stream, when they do a concert, is picked up by many all across SL.  Following their concert, which consisted of both modern and traditional Irish-style ballads, jigs, and some renditions of other contemporary music, Symmetry Monroe, one of the most ECLECTIC DJ's I've ever met in SL, took the stand as the closing act.
     As I've said before in this blog, Mist and Arch will be sorely missed after their move to OpenLife, but their reasons are both valid and sensible.  As a builder, Mist is getting in on the bottom layer of a brand new game, and the costs are SO much better than SL.  45,000 prims for a whole region, and only 75 USD a month! No down payment of over 1k USD, just that one flat rate.  Aso and I will be looking into it as well.  It's an open source code game based on the same code as SL, and there are people working on making inventory from SL transferable.  We won't completely leave SL, of course, like Mist and Arch, but we probably will have dual citizenship in the not to distant future.  After all, this is where his business, and my Clan are!  NOT to mention all of our dear,dear friends.  (But more than a few of them have expressed interest in dual citizenship as well, not only for the money savings, but for the chance to actually affect the direction that the new "game" takes, and the challenge of that!)
     Here are some pics from the closing of C and D.  It was like "old home night"..... there were folks there from the old days in Northfarthing, when it was very active with medieval RP... hell, even the sim owner from NF showed up!  One of the best treats of the evening was my old friend Latis showing up.  This is a RL friend of mine, the lady that got Teleny on SL in the first place! She and Asoniel got to finally meet inworld, and we have plans for a RL get together, hopefully, over the holidays.  I know you read this, Latis, so here's yer hug! OH, and thanks for all the kind words about my cooking!  HeeHee!  No pics of "us" this time... this special evening was all about THEM!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009


And here's today's fun little Christmas video!
Written by Jon Rox and Sung by Gayla 1953. This kid was only about 11yrs. old!  Great voice.

Official countdown...... 17 days until time stands still! 

Thank you to all who read this blog!

I find it amazing, that with only 6 open "followers" of my blog, which I swore I would never do again, after a rather bad experience with another blogging site, that I've had just one shy of 600 visits in just two months!  I will try to keep it interesting, gang....

Also, just a TY for the kind emails that I've gotten offworld, from RL associates, and IM's inworld from my SL friends.  As a heads up, the format might change a bit, soon.  This particular layout is rather confining, as videos sometimes overlap the sidebar, and so on, and pictures are hard to line up properly, etc.  We'll see... there are big changes coming up soon in my RL, and I hope that they will only enhance my SL experience, and give me more things to write about........

Today's Holiday video... one of my fave versions of one of my fave songs..... and, (well, HERE'S a surprise!  HAHA!) .... also one of Aso's!

Just a fun night with friends....

We went back to Digital Immortality last night........ started out a bit leather, then suddenly, we were raving!  Dj Equine played his usual great mix of industrial/stomp then he switched back to his beginnings, and we had a bit of a rave going on!  Don't my Li'l Kitteh look smexy as hell?!?!?!?!

Yummy Kitteh!
Yummy ME!