Saturday, March 26, 2011


   Just a little thank you to all that have stood by me over the past long months.  I'm gettin' back on my feet again, finally, IRL, and wanted to say that I love you all!  (One in particular!)


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Derren haz a job!

Derren is now dancing at Club Industry two nights a week, our fave industrial/EBM club.  He was fantastic, and the DJ and staff were convincing peeps to purchase the "Support Japan" bears all through the set from the in club linkboard, and it worked!  Several got new purchases, several wore ones they already had, and DJ Octavia was passing out L$ to everyone that had one.  So much for the Goth/EBM/Club scene being heartless, eh?  Love my SL family!
The yummy staff at CI, workin' those bears!

Babydoll dancing his li'l skunk butt off!  ;P

Who knew a shuffle dance huddle was bear friendly!  LOL!
BTW, yes, I CAN rock out in some pink!

Every great day, ends with great cuddles.... especially with my two fave cuddle critters!  XD

*Peace out, and BUY THOSE BEARS!*

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Just a "random catching up a bit" pic post!

     I've been super busy in both worlds recently, so just thought I'd post a few piccies to catch up a bit!

The house is finally finished!  Woot!

Looking out from the front porch.

Sunset.  We positioned the house facing east, so we could watch the sun rise over the fountain, and sit in the garden of an evening to log off.  I know, hopeless romantic here.  Shhhh..... don't tell anyone, you'll ruin my reputation as a hard ass!
In the back garden, during one of the brief morning moments we get together.
Went to Tainted Boys last night to catch up with old friends for the first time in months.  Franzi and Endy joined us, and Adonis just stepped out of this as I snapped the pic.
The usual Club Industry silliness.... Derren, and I up front, with our groupies, DJ Octavia and DJ JohnnyVoom. The two of them, and about three others there last night spent most of the evening planning our wedding for us.  If we took all their suggestions, it would be a drag wedding, with lots of nudity, and Haagen Daz.  And bewbs.  Big, bouncing, growing bewbs.  Don't ask.  LOL!

Sir Pedro the Mighty!  Isn't he adorable?!?!?!??!?!?!?   He rules his kingdom quite well, tyvm!

Awww..... family portrait!  We all love each other so much!

That is, until I'm not watching, then my two fellas start the glaring ebilness again!  LOL!  It's the funniest damned thing I've ever seen.  Whenever I've not got my cam focused on Pedro, he goes out of his way to give Derren dirty looks.  It's a constant source of pics and lols!

*Content, and wishing all a good day!*

Monday, March 14, 2011

Derren and the Ebil Chihuaha....

Ok, so I never NEVER gave in to the cuteness of Derren's kitteh's.  No matter WHAT he says on his blog.  I do not, nor will I ever, own an AIF kitten. 

I own an AIF puppy.  An adorable little AIF white Chihuahua puppy, which hates Derren.  LOL!  It's the funniest damned thing I've ever seen.  The animations are the best that I've seen in animals in SL, and I've owned several over the years.  Not only that, it growls at Derren, which I can't do, as it gets me in all kinds of deep shit. *grins and giggles*

Apparently, he is truly a "helium heels" though, for as soon as I'd logged off the other day, he took to the sky... WAY up into the sky.  I think Derren said he found him somewhere around 1300m up.  Kudos for the catch on that one, D!

Anywho, Derren got some really great pics of him, and has a better tale of how he was rescued.  Pedro, welcome to the family!


Friday, March 11, 2011

To all my Pacific Rim and West Coast friends....

     May your respective Gods keep you safe.  My heart is aching for each and every one of you.  How tragic.


Monday, March 7, 2011

For you... yes, you know who you are.....


Just a few more pics .......

Ok, I've reached the point where I want this done, so have to watch that I don't "hurry and fuck something up" in the process... LOL!  Honestly, though, it IS about done, other than setting out a few knickknacks, and hanging some pictures, etc..  If anyone wants to come see us, we're back !  Don't be surprised if I accidently rez a tree on your head or something, though.  *grins*

The house is now a soft buttery beige, instead of the gray, but you get the general idea.
Heh.... had to throw a few cuddle spots in here and there, right?

Isn't that ceiling fan neat?  Found it at a replica store on MarketPlace.  It's a replica of one made in Berlin in the 1920's.
My office/study, and probably my fave part of the entire build, actually.
The table is cool.  It rezzes full course meals, with animations, for up to 8 people.  Now, if I can just get the rest of the dining room decorated!
Heehee.... why do we need kitchens in SL?  Or bathrooms... oh, wait.... poseballs... NM.... *smirks a bit*

*Hope to see y'all soon!*

Friday, March 4, 2011

Ok, almost finished!

    The rebuild on the sim is probably 80% done or so.   Still working on it every time I get inworld, but, as anyone that's ever done this knows... it's never REALLY finished!  LOL!  Here are just a few shots of the front of the house, now that most of the landscaping is done, and a couple of the wonderful garden that Derren made (his first real build on SL !  Woot!  Proud of ya, babydoll!) for us to enjoy, on the rare times, atm, that we actually get to spend time together inworld.  RL is keeping us on different schedules, atm, but we still get some cuddlehuggles in now and then!  :-)
    After we get it completely done, I'll post more pics of the inside, and we want to invite peeps over (pixel ones, not marshmallow ones!! LOL!) to visit.  Yes, the surfing will be back, too!  Yay!  Wonder how I'll look in the long, Victorian era bathing suit?  *grins*

*Still busy busy busy in both worlds*