Sunday, February 26, 2012


If you didn't get an invite, don't be offended!   All are welcome, just remember that it's a formal party, and the club requires clothing at all times!  *grins*  
Here's the Location!

*Nervous as hell, but glad THE DAY is finally here!*

Sunday, February 12, 2012

The picture says it all.....

*Smiles and love to all, past, present, and future*

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Almost there!

   With just a few more poses needed, and some tweaking of prims, The Cat's Meow will be ready far ahead of our target date of Valentine's Day for the Grand Opening!  Here's a few more "teaser pics"!

    Babydoll, this is all for you!  You are my inspiration, my hope, and my love....  *big ol' hugs!*

Speaking of relationships.... Derren entered us in an SL photo contest for Valentine's Day.  Go there.  Vote for us.  DO EET NAO!!!!!   *please?*  :D *voting actually opens on Feb. 14th at 12:00 AM* (It's not for a cash prize....  it will be blogged on the SL blogrolls is all, but we want the world to know that SL is NOT just for heterosexual couples, who always seem to be the winners of these sorts of things!)

*Excitedly looking forward to opening the club, and the future*

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Coming soon!

OK, the unveiling of our new club's logo!  (Yeah, well, that's all you're gettin' for now, because it's ALMOST, but NOT QUITE, finished!)  *grins*

So, the back story:
     Derren and I went looking for a gay or gay friendly ballroom.  While there are some like Frank's Place, which while very welcoming, is overwhelmingly hetero-oriented, and a few others, we only found ONE that was truly gay, on all of SL, that played romantic music, but wasn't attached to a meat market atmosphere in some way or another....and there was no one there but us.  I've known for a while that for those "quiet evenings", to bill a club as gay, or heterosexual, or "Furs only", or "Humans Only" or whatever limits your attendance, and besides, many of our friends are as diverse as the AV's that D and I run around in.  Yes, we like clubbing, but sometimes, we just wanna dance with others, have good conversations, and relax.  So.... long story short, we discussed openly on FB whether there was interest in such a place, welcoming to all, gay and straight and everything in between, and the response was, to say the least, a bit overwhelming to us.  So I built one.
     I've been involved with clubs off and on for years.  They are a royal pain in the ass, no matter how wonderful the staff's, patrons' and management's intentions.  Egos, money issues, etc.  To allay all this, we are simply streaming music, mostly WWII era tunes, and a mix of blues/jazz, except for "special events", for which we already have a slew of (mostly) volunteer DJ's who say they will work for only tips, and look forward to DJ'ing in our "theme style", since most clubs are either modern, meat market, EBM, whatever, and this is different, except for just a handful on SL.  (Gotta love friends, motivated DJ's, and those who are blackmailable!  LOL!)
     While the build is Art Deco, and rather formal, the attire and atmosphere won't be.  We primarily want a place where his friends, my friends, OUR friends, can meet, hang out, dance, chat, and just relax.  Derren and I call Club Industry our "second home"... and we LOVE our family there, but I've been amazed at the number of them that have expressed an interest in having a "get away from it all" place, where the music is quieter, the conversations perhaps less "silly", etc., to hang out with their significant others, or just their buddies.   The club is open to all, and there will be NO intolerance tolerated, be it based on AV style (human, fur, alien, you name it), sexual orientation (lord KNOWS those are plentiful on SL!) or any other reason.  Besides, like my friend Gisele said... "OOoooooo... I'll have someplace to wear my PRETTY dresses!" :D  The main rules are simple:  Relax, have fun, make new friends, and WEAR CLOTHES!  *grins*  I know some of my friends ALL to well.  No nudity.  The club will basically be open to the public 24/7, as it will be streamed music, and Derren and I will be there when we can, but most of our friends are quite capable of entertaining themselves, and usually, a whole sim in the process!  LOL!
   We are not doing this to compete with the big, paying clubs, but just to have a place to entertain our friends, to be honest, though, of course, there WILL be a tip jar handy for those who just INSIST on helping us pay the sim tier!  LOL!
      I have a three day "weekend" (which those of you who work in the restaurant industry like I do, know means "any three days *mostly* off in the same week) starting tomorrow, and hope to have it finished before Valentine's Day, if not sooner, for the grand opening.  We'll see.  I have already picked up a three hour shift at lunch tomorrow in order to make up some hours.
       Expect some teaser pics before then, though... basically the club is finished, except for decorating the skyplatform that it sits on above our sim.  We'll be in touch!