Saturday, October 31, 2009

FOUND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!

OMG... I LOVE this song!   It's been my "theme song" since I discovered Mechanical Moth, a German Industrial/Goth band from Germany.  This is the one I've been tellin' ya about, lil elfling!  Lemme know what you think, k?

Happy Hallloween!

Just dubsteppin' the night away!    Have a safe and happy holiday, filled with fright and fear!  To my Wiccan brothers and sisters.... Keep rockin' Samhain!   Blessed Be!

If I get to go out tonight, after work, I'll try to post pics..... no promises, though!  heehee

Thursday, October 29, 2009

For my beloved Elfling.....

Just because it's true, you know... Slow and Steady DOES win the race, and my heart.  I love you, Asoniel Komachi, and the Keeper behind the Critter, too.  Thank you so very much for coming into my life, and bringing me peace again.

Thank you, my elfling!

What a wonderful surprise!  My elfling rezzed me a Stonehenge!  It was a beautiful, romantic evening, no drama, no clubs................ just soft music, and soft cuddles.  This was our first evening completely alone, and something just clicked inside my head.  If you can put up with me  THAT long, with no intercessions, and no distractions... yeah, I think it MUST be love!    *contented sigh*


Just some Fall beauty......

I've been meaning to post these a while... these are views of the mighty Ohio River, here in Southern IN, looking towards the Kentucky hills, out my back gate.  It's been a beautiful fall this year, perfect summer for the leaves. I hope you all enjoy them!

This last one is a fall shot of my poor, overgrown back yard.... usually, I keep up with it, but working six days a week, open to close, had kinda taken its toll.  Oh, and there's this little thing called SL that has kinda gotten in the way, too..... heehee!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Slow and Steady wins the Race

For you, elfling.... who'd a thunk it?  Remember Avilion?

A Truly Wonderful Family Night.......

     Yesterday, I was having "one of those day".... the kind that just hits you out of the blue, the kind that leave you feeling vulnerable emotionally, and "less than you can be."  They hit me occassionally, and I am NOT a lot of fun to be around when in that kinda mood.  The Jovial Satyr ceases to exist, and my inner child whimpers and pouts.  For some reason, my voice chat only works when it damned well pleases, and I have been feeling that I am missing out on a lot... and that takes me back all the way to Jr. High, to the days of the geeky kid with the glasses that never got picked for the teams, that never quite "fit in" because he was just a little too "strange", a little "too much smarter" than the other boys, a little "too much on the outside looking in".  We all have "those days", but mine have been frequent lately, as my RL is a mess at the moment, and there are many things in it that just can NOT be resolved because they are out of my hands.  For a control freak such as myself, with OCD, who likes EVERYTHING neat and orderly, this is frustrating to say the least.
     Fortunately, the kids were bored.  HA!  They invited me and Aso over to Spanki's place, and we danced the night away, and talked.  Just talked. 
     It's amazing what having your family around you can do for you.  To dance with someone you love, to have your family not only accept that love, but to embrace it fully, is a wonderful feeling.  To be there, just quiet at times, listening to the music, knowing that you are all "part" of this greater whole, that you ALL belong to the same thing, well, that makes things better in many ways.  "Belonging" to the group is a basic human instinct, going back, the experts say, to the days when the "tribe" banded together against the outside world.
     We have all four bonded in this manner, but it's evolved to the point where we can now EMBRACE the outer world, for all of it's good and all of it's evils.  Yes, we squabble occassionally, as all families do.  Yes, there are times that we get on each other's nerves, and we hiss a little, but at the core, we have established a VERY strong foundation, built on love and mutual respect for the individual, and for the family as a unit.  That is an amazing thing to me, that people that have never met face to face in RL can bond in this fashion, becoming a "unit".  I have been close to people many times over the years, both in RL and in this virtual world, and have many good and dear friends in both.  This is different, and quite unique.  Four disparate personalities have become "one", uniting when necessary to chase away the bad dreams.  It's a beautiful thing, and I wish this for everyone that I know:  that you TOO can find this somewhere, and experience the nonjudgemental love of a "family", the acceptance of who and what you are, both the good and the bad.

Love you my son and my son-in-law.  Aso, there are no words, as you know, for what we have become, and hope to be in the future.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Funtimes at Seven Isles......

Sunday evening, I took Asoniel to his first Skyclad dance at Seven Isles.  Now, I know what you're thinkin'.... the horny old goat just wanted to see the cute li'l elfling w/o his skivvies.  Not true!

People have the wrong idea about the Skyclad rituals.  They are a chance for folks to be "free" around their friends, family and loved ones.  It is an ancient Wiccan ritual, and is practiced in many other belief systems as well. "You can't hide weapons when you have no clothing on to hide it in."

It is an expression of trust, of giving all of one's self to the Goddess, and to each other.   Although highly sensual in nature, it is NOT an orgy, nor a sexual experience, as many believe.  To be able to trust others enough to bare your body, thus baring the soul symbolically, is a wonderful thing.  You can't HELP but love and trust those around you.  The only pics I will post are distance shots, and a coupla clothed ones of me and Aso from the early part of the dance.  No freebies here...... it's TOO personal and majickal of an experience!

Note:  Child AV's are NOT allowed at skyclad dances in Seven Isles.  Any short av's you see are just that... short.  They are Faery, or Dwarf, or such.

(And of course, since we are ALL beautiful in SL, MUCH easier to do than in RL...hahahahahha!)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

From Clan Macaniva, to ALL of you!

Wishing you the BEST at this Holiday Season!
(yeah, it's official..... we're no longer "notta dates!"  *grins with pure joy and happiness!!!!!*)

Comments on an interesting blog I read last night..........

     Last night, I read the blog of an acquaintance.  In this blog, that person suggested that SL is used by some as a "replacement" for RL, and this was done in a fashion that insinuated that this was a bad thing.  Now, I agree, you can become SO immersed in SL, that you forget about RL responsibilities, and neglect your RL for a while.  I've been guilty of this myself at times.  It CAN be overwhelming.
      However, if you approach SL as what it is, a visual, virtual social networking format, and, yes in part, a "video game", you can NOT lose with it.  Major corporations use SL as a "training format", both for design and for personal interactive training of employees, such as seminars etc.  On a personal level, I have met many wonderful people here, many of which have "blended" into my RL in various ways.  Some I now email frequently, trading music files and family photos.  Others, in my capacity as a chef, I kick around recipe ideas with, which helps my own and their businesses.  I know one lady that owns dozens of sims, and now makes her living solely off of SL.  (THAT would be nice... no more time clocks!  ha!)
     SL offers a creative outlet for building, design and graphics work that has been unparalleled in many people's lives.  I have friends on SL that are homebound for various reasons... physical, emotional, whatever.... and it gives them a chance to "get out and participate" in a "world" that THEY have control over, instead of the world which has been so cruel to them in many ways.  I've met people here that I've interacted with in RL, in my roles in the Society for Creative Anachronism. (Medieval recreationists, for the uninitiated)  I have met people here that we've bonded on a musical level, and have met RL at concerts of our favorite groups.  I have had lunch with a DEAR lady friend, driving almost an hour to a "middle point", at which we discussed the break up of her RL marriage, and ultimately, her lasting happiness with a man she MET on SL, after that breakup.
     I have been invited to be in the wedding of a SL friend... the RL wedding~!  That's in the Jersey Isles, off the coast of Britain.  I have been invited to visit friends in Germany, in Holland, in Australia, and in Japan.  I have contacts now in Canada, with standing invititations, should I ever go "north" from  my RL location in Southern Indiana, USA, for vacation.  I've been to California to visit a buddy who's mother was ill.  I actually met someone from right here in my home state, although several hours away, with whom I've bonded on a level that I've not had since the death of my RL lover over ten years ago, though I've approached it many times, not the least of which was my recent relationship with my beloved "Dobby".  As in RL, sometimes things just don't "click" for whatever reason, and you move on, wishing no one ill, if you're an adult. I have met and interacted with people from places I've always wanted to visit, and from places I've never heard of.  People tend to forget that SL IS real.... these are flesh and blood, soulfilled, probably more honest on many levels than they would be face to face, individuals behind the "critters".  Be gentle with them.  You wouldn't necessarily walk up and be brutally honest with a mate, date or friend in RL.  The same mores and rules apply in SL, if you choose to use it as a "perfectly valid alternate reality", as Tel has described it to his RL friends.  Hell, I talk about my SL friends so much, that my coworkers now ask me..."How's Aso?  How's your son doing?  Been to any good parties/dances/whatever lately?"  They even realize the reality behind my interactions on Second Life, and recognize their validity.  To them, it is no different than me asking about their families and loved ones.
     The first person that I "blended" with on SL, a LONG time ago, perhaps summed it up best...."On Second Life, you get to know a person's soul FIRST, before the physical bullshit interferes."   I have remembered that quote fondly, and STILL smile when I think of it.  It's true.  As with ANY social interaction,  you will get out what you put in.  If you choose to make Second Life a "game" only, and come for RP, or to fight dragons (a former weakness of Tel' won't go into the psychology behind THAT one!..hahahha), or just to build and have fun.... so be it....just be considerate of those around you, for some of them MIGHT just happen to "live" in SL, for whatever personal reasons.  If you choose to use it as a meeting place and playing place amongst friends, I've found that to be incredibly rewarding as well.
     And, yes, to finish this, you CAN fall in love on SL.  There are REAL people, REAL emotions, REAL personalities behind these avatars.  Sometimes, we forget that, but connections are made here.... long term, perfectly valid connections.  Treat your fellow "critters" with respect, and you will most likely get that back.  If you DO hit the occassional "asshole"... there's ALWAYS the mute button.  Or.... be a dick like I am... leave them on your lists, but just ignore them.... yeah, there's a REAL person behind Tel, too, and he can't control others, just how he reacts to them.  Like the loving part of SL, and the friendships.... the anger and resentment is ALSO directly related to what you put into this.
    To end this rant.......  be gentle to your comarades here.  You CAN build lasting relationships, friendships or romance or business, or whatever bent they take, here on Second Life.  Most of all...... ENJOY IT!  Like RL situations, if it ain't profitable, rewarding, or fun.... GET THE HELL OUT~~!!  Don't hurt others to make yourself feel better, and definitely don't keep hurting yourself.  Turn OFF "the game"... move on.... find other places to visit, to play and to dream.... eventually, you just might be happy!

REAL LIFE love to my "family" on here, and to my friends, both inworld and out!  Blessed Be~!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Elfling... this song say sit all.............

Beth, of course..... no other voice could do this song justice, methinks.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Yep, Sure DO!

Love this song... love the video..... LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!!  Happy Happy Joy Joy!!!!!


This kinda blows me away.... after Spanki got his gallery at Tainted Boys, before the opening, I went there to look around one night, and met Adonis, one of the owners.  We of course got on the subject of art, and building, as the gallery space had just been added, and the question was asked of me if I had ever built and so on.  I showed Ado this little piece of sculpture that I did a LONG time ago, and he liked it so much he wanted to display it!  I was pleased, as I don't really think it nearly as good as Spanki's photos, but agreed anyway! )of course!  heehee.. who could say not to such a charismatic guy as Adonis Lubitsch? or his partner Trace17, either!)
Anyway, it hadn't found a permanent home, until yesterday.... Ado im'd me, and sent me this pic..... WOW!
Right in the mall courtyard, and as a feature in a fountain!  Never woulda thunk of that myself... amazing how art means different things to different people!  Good call, Ado.

Anyway, ty for displaying it, and of course, here's the LM to Tainted Boys, as well!

Fantastic night, and a shout out to MIst!

My beloved Mistletoe Ethaniel, formerly of Northfarthing, had now opened her own pub in SL!  The place, which she built from scratch, reminds me of nearly every New England pub that I've visited in RL over the years, and she did it all herself!  It's in a sim that it "kid av friendly", and although, unless in RP in my fantasy sims, they usually creep me out, the "kids" here are pretty congenial, and usually accompanied by parents.  Great music last night, a "Looney Tunes" night, was provided by Hopalong Easterling, a DJ that specializes in that kinda music, and Big Band era, but DOES have a highly eclectic selection when asked for such.  On Wednesdays, my friend Eacen Taurus usually DJ's here, providing "mash ups" that will make you laugh, giggle, or go "Dayum!  That's really kewl!"

As usual, these days, I was accompanied by my sweet Aso, and met both old and new friends there.  I only wish the kids coulda joined us, but Miki was having some MAJOR computer probs, and Spanki had to get to bed, because of the time difference.  Next time, fellas!  I miss seein you all!

Anyway, just wanted to give a shout out to Mist, the "Cat and Dog Pub", and of course, to good times and great friends!

/chpurr, lilkitty!

**Hugs the WORLD!**

A beautiful thing!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Today I saw Beauty.......

     Have you ever noticed, when things are at their dimmest, that the Powers that Be ALWAYS give us hope?  I was given this grace today, and had to share it here.
     I walk. A lot. I walk to work, (only 3 1/2 blocks), to the grocery, (one block), the main "downtown:" shopping district, (touristy, but my friends own them, and they are places I need on business, because they provide the clientele for the diner) etc.  As I walked to work this morning, I became increasingly depressed over a conversation that I had inworld this am.
     Promises and civility are maintained, at least in public, while behind the scenes, there is DRAMA.  Yes, the capitalization is intentional.  Not drama, the "little d" kind, that can make life a little spicey, but is able to be lived with.  DRAMA, the capitolized kind, that makes life hell for all involved.... the kind that makes you wanna either shut the world out, or slap it around a little.  I have enough of that in my RL.  My mother has had two strokes and a heart attack, the last one just a month ago.  The bills are piling up, as usual, these days for MOST of us.  My oldest cat has cancer, she's almost 10, a  gift from my last rl lover's mother, after HE died of cancer a little over ten years ago.  My sister has lost her job, her husband is still working, but they have her youngest, his youngest, and FIVE grandkids (not gonna comment here on how his ex raised THEIR daughters!) to raise, as well.  I have rheumatoid arthritis in my feet, nerve damage in my spine from a car accident almost 26 yrs ago (next week), and memory problems sometimes STILL from that wreck.  RL sucks ass, a lot of the time. 
     Now, SL has taken a downswing.  Promises have been made, and not kept. Arrogance and selfpity , on many sides, including my own, have contributed to the melee.  My recent relationship with my Angel fell apart, mostly through lack of HONEST communication, until it was WAY too late.  I have met a wonderful to just spend time with, but get "20 questions" from both my and his loved ones, even though it's REALLY none of their business.  Relationships that once were considered immortal and unquestionable are now being questioned, and face mortality.  Drama has become the "catch phrase" of the month.
     Today has been kinda gloomy in RL.  It's warming back up, almost 30 degrees today from this time last week.  It's cloudy, there is "weather moving in" as my late great-grandmother used to say.  We got busy at work, everyone was bitchy, employees and customers, and it contributed to a general malaise that I've been fighting since the middle of last month.  Finally , the day at work was over, and I get home, only to find that I have to get in the car, drive to the bank, pay something that is LONG overdue, because it was "forgotten" by a relative that is also on that account.  I immediately went into a funk.  AND almost a rage.
     As I was driving back home, about a block from my house, along the banks of the mighty Ohio River, the sun suddenly APPEARED!  Not just "broke through the clouds", not "sent a brilliant ray to light the shoreline, and the autumn leaves across on the Kentucky hills".... No, it APPEARED!  It was as if the entire world STOPPED for a minute.  I even pulled over on the parking area that runs the length of the brick walk that meanders along the top of the river bank, and just stared.  The brilliance of the colors in the trees, the light, no make that LIGHT from the heavens that was glistening on the breakers behind a barge chugging mightily upstream..... OMG.... I don't know if it was the brilliance of the reflections, or just the sudden beauty, but I had a few tears in my eyes.  I looked downstream, to where the local boatramp and docks are, past the century + trees that line that part of the bank.  Sitting under the middle tree, was an elderly couple.... He was tall and slender, she a little butterball of a woman, probably barely 5' tall.  They looked for all the world like my Mammaw and Pappaw. (my great grandparents).  I got out of the car to take a picture with my cell phone, and of course it didn't work.  I was a bit chagrined, and was kinda huffing and puffing a bit.  I heard a gentle breeze kick up, and the leaves swirled a little on the riverbank, sending bright oranges, greens, reds, maroons and browns in dazzling numbers into small tornadoes, which danced for few minutes, then lay still.
     When I finally got focused again, and realized what I'd done wrong with the phone (hey, it's brand new, give me a break, I'm NOT ten, and didn't grow up with the damned things!), the old couple was gone.  *poof*  No sign of them.  The sun disappeared, and the gray returned, but burned onto the retinas of my mind was the beauty of her snow white hair and his bald head glistening in the brief joy of that brilliance, amidst the wonder of those leaves and colors.  I smiled. 
     NOTHING is gonna bother me now.  Oh, I'll feel pain, both for myself and my loved ones.  I'll feel joy and wonder in the same way.  But the deep fears, malaise and anger?  Nope.  I've always wanted to see the face of God.  Guess what?  She's BEAUTIFUL when she smiles!

     Wishing peace to all, and love to all,
Teleny, Lord Macarthur, Macaniva Keep.... or just Tel to all of YOU, my dear friends!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Practical Jokes Played On ME........

These were played on me by my friends, by the people that love me the most in SL.  Some have left SL behind, and I miss them dearly, some are still around.  We approach this in the best of spirits, often laughing the most at our selves, and our "predicaments".  Thank you for these wonderful moments, my loves!

A:  Where the HELL did that fire come from?  There was a BENCH here when I sat down!
B:   A former griefer buddy did THIS too me... took it an HOUR to wear off!  (yeah, yeah, ignore the blond hair!  heehee, and be VERY careful who you accept "animate your avatar?" invites from!  HAHAHAHAHAH!)
C:  My old buddy Pirate did this... put a damned fencing dummy that moved around my old castle, complete with HUGE prim genitals RIGHT in the middle of my bedroom.  So... being Tel, I just hopped on, and rode the thing around!  My friends were laughing so hard, we all had tears RL!
D:  OMG, the "Great Hello Kitty" incident of  '09!  Hehee...Pirate WALKED this thing over to my old castle, after Gus and I had split up, with the whole sim watching, and placed it on my roof, while I was offline.  There are movies of it!  It cheered me IMMENSELY!
E:  As Miki says..."Revenge is best served cold"... I waited a while, then THIS was mine~!

     There have been purple hippos' asses placed OVER my head while i was dancing; things put in me, on me, around me.  Once, I put blow up dolls all over a friend's bed, male and female, before he came home... ON HIS WEDDING NIGHT! NO one laughed harder than him and his new bride! We have blown each other up, set each other on fire, rezzed completely IMPOSSIBLE objects in parts of each other's bodies that should NEVER be exposed to such things.  I have walked around with "Noob!" over my head for hours.  I have turned friends into trees in the middle of wedding receptions.  Hell, we've even crashed sims in attempts to outdo each other with particle wars!  These pics and many more have been blogged, Flikr'd, posted on websites, and passed around ALL over SL.  I love all my friends, and their creativity with the practical jokes.  It not only keeps you on your toes, and always thinking to the next "revenge" shot, it keeps SL FUN!
     It was all in good fun, and there are WAY too many of these types of pics in my inventory to post.  I have many more important things to focus on atm.... my friends, my relationships, and my family, first and foremost, both RL and SL.  I guess this is an open invitation.... if you see Tel afk unexplainedly... have FUN!  I LOVE IT!!!!!


Sunday, October 18, 2009

Yeah, tonight IS the night for this song...

ALMOST better than sex.... almost.... but DAMN close..... another Beth Hart tune.....

Spanki's big day!

Great turn out, great friends, great pics!  Spanki's pics, not mine, that is... heehee.... Y'all gotta see this place... great build, and the pics IN the gallery are amazing! Very proud Papi, here! (plus, i got to get a pic of all of my boys together! heehee)

Miki's Mouse..(ok, you SAW that one coming!)

My kitteh-in-law had a really neat idea: he created a little one prim mousie housie, which is absolutely adorable!  It's being offered on Xstreet as a freebie, and I'm gonna send it out in my group notices.  It's fun, harmless, and cute as hell!   We kittehs in the hood all think it's time for the mousies to have THEIR time in the sun!
Here's a pic of the adorable little critter, in use. I stoleded it off'n Miki's blog site!  heehee!  Have fun, pass it along!  Go, Mousies!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

For you, mini me........

*mrrrrs softly..... "slow and steady wins the race"*

Celtic Woman.......

 This is one of my fave groups.  Last night I introduced my buddy Aso to them.  He was impressed.  Nuff  said!  Actually, much more can be  Their harmonies are amazing, and this particular DVD was filmed with guest singer Haley Westenra, an Irish opera singer.  She only added to the mix, exponentially.

Special note on this one......
A.  A Cappela music RAWKS!  B. Celtic Woman is singing it here.  C. Sit down, hush up, and listen!  D.  Yes, I'm gay, and love this song, and love Judy, too, but c'mon... this is amazing!  heehee!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

David...a Real Life Post

It's been twenty years, nine months and 4 days since you gave me this picture, David.  I hope you don't mind if  I edited it a bit.  Things have progressed SO very far since you have been gone.  Friday, October 16th, 2009 would have been our twentieth anniversary.  Though the Goddess decided to take you to be with Her, I still feel your presence.  May you be blessed in whatever life you lead now, and may your journey be a peaceful one.  This is how I choose to remember you, not as you were at the end.  I loved you then, and love you now.  May we both be happy, and meet on the "other side" some day.  I miss you so very much this time of year. *sigh*

Taken by brain cancer, Feb. 10th, 1999

Shout out to Hotlanta!

I can not say enough how fantastic this club is.... Hotlanta Blues, owned by DonPaul Cale, and managed by the inimitable (AND can I wear THOSE jeans now?) Is Salas, is an Omni-friendly club, where the clientele might be human, Fur, Neko, Tiny, whatever, of any race, species, sexuality or so on.  The music is HAWT as hell, the people there are TRULY amongst the nicest anywhere, and it's right in my home sim, Northfarthing.  The sim is medieval, but located in a skybox WAY above the shivering peasants, is a film noire type setting, reminiscent of underground Atlanta.  Great dances, great people..... and I'll mention again, the best damn BLUES dj's on SL!
Hotlanta has seen me through three wonderful relationships, three divorces, and MANY a happy hour spent dancing, laughing and just listening with friends.  An amazing place!

Here are some pics of me and my buddy Asoniel just killing an evening, list'nin' to da TUNEZ!

(Believe it or not, the room was actually full of people, but it's so spacious, that you can just be alone if you want, or join in the witty group chat!)
I'll drop the SLurl here later... heehee... forgot to download it last time I was online.  I might have been a little distracted.   *giggle*

Okies, as promised... here's the SLurl.....Hotlanta Blues Club

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


By far the best industrial/goth club I've found on SL, this place RAWKS!!!!  The music is hawt, the dancers hawter, and the people couldn't be nicer!  Gay, Bi, Straight... don't matter!  Human, Fur, Whatever, don't matter!  These are warm welcoming people, who actually helped a Relay for Life team make it into the top six!  Talk bad about the Goth/Industrial scene to me, and you've got a fight on your hands!

Some pics of me and Asoniel at Sac last night... and my son in law, Miki joined us laterz!  Was a fantastic evening, and the Sac bunch LOVES Clan Mac!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Prim addiction......

is a horrible curse.  You start with a 40 prim skybox, created just for you by a beloved friend, with prims taken from her OWN parcel, just because. (ty, Mist.... NOW look at the monster you've created!! heehee)  Soon, you have moved to the ground, rented a parcel.   Not bad.  You look for ways to pay for it.  Prostitution becomes an option.....(not really, but, well, get laid, get paid... not a bad combo, just not for ME!  lawlz!)....The parcel soon is overflowing with trees, buildings, and so on.  You go through a divorce.... and need MORE prims to fill the hole inside... so ... you rent another parcel....  *grin*.... yes, I know... it's an excuse to feed the addiction, but, hey, any excuse, right?   Soon, THAT parcel is full, and you are begging the sim owner for more prims.....which he obligingly gives you, because you are friends, and he DOES have that silly tier thingy to pay.  And suddenly, another divorce!  You can't burn down ANOTHER castle and start over.  THAT was fun the first time, but a BIT anticlimactic to do it again.  Besides, you're out of marshmallows! (godz, that WAS a fun evening, though... helluva party! heehee)  Ok, now what?  You've single handedly maxed out the remaining prims on the sim, your sim owner is happy, your friends think you have an amazing place.... even casual strangers drop you an IM letting you know how much they love it! (oh, and you set up a "wishing well", which pays about 1/3 the cost each month!)..... alas, there are NO more prims to be had, so you are seen like this in the wee hours of the morning..... feeding the addiciton in the only way left to you.....(well, besides redoing your other friend's places... and mall booths, and so on.... JUST to "help".. has "nothing to do with" that nasty addiction, right!?!?!?!  hehee).......This is the last sighting of Tel, captured by a concerned friend, as he went staggering off into the dark night of hopeless prim addiction.........

"Have you seen me?"
(heehee... I looked for a milk carton photo to gimp, but couldn't find

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Fall Dance at Seven Isles!

"And a great time was had by all!" 

Seven Isles is a wonderful sim that Eacen and Corinda Taurus introduced me to... having gone through some recent changes, it's back, and even better than ever!  If you are into fantasy RP, and avatars, this is the place for you! Full of great people, and good times, it's a wonderful spot to play!

Stepping on the Soapbox. or "Buy a mirror, Damnit!"

   I usually don't blog about RL things on here, as this is primarily my SL blog, but this HAS to be said.... there are avatars in RL that need some slider bars, and an AV stylist.  Today was a small festival here in my hometown, a cooking competition, with soups, stews, chilies and beer.  Good combo.  Good for business at the diner.  All around, a good day, or so you would think........NOT!
   As soon as I opened the door this morning, there was a woman, app. 6'1", come through it.  I am NOT just speaking of her height.  She was as round as she was tall.  Now, I have been heavy all my life, the worst for me personally, before my car wreck years ago that compressed my spine two inches, was when I was 5'9", and weighed 268#.  That is pretty big for such a short person.  But, even at my worst, I KNEW how to dress.
    This gal had on stretch pants.  OK, that can be overlooked, if you wear them with a nice, well made longish sweater or something.  Kinda kewl, on us big gals, actually.  Did she?  NO!  Riding atop this poor pair of pants, which not only were stretch , but           
S  T   R  E  T  C  H  E  D
approximately four sizes TOO much, was a roll.  Not the good kind.... the kind that you wanna eat, with a nice cinnamon crusting, and a topping of glaze.  This roll was the doughy, pink flesh left exposed by  a.... "shudder"   METALLIC TUBE TOP!
     OMG!  It was ONLY  48degrees!  This poor tube top was left, ALL on its own, to support the most humongous knockers I've ever seen.  Thank goodness those nipples had risen to the occassion, assisting by nearly poking through the ALMOST sheer weave of the top.  Otherwise, I fear that there would have been a sudden explosion, which probably would have set off my sprinkler system.
     Did I mention the WHOLE thing was in shades of lime green ,for godz' sake?  "shudder again"

     Following her in the door, was a skeleton.  Now, I know it's almost Halloween.  Skeletons, Jack-o-Lanterns, witches, all these are becoming more prevalent.  We expect this at this time of year.  But.... I don't think this poor fella meant to look like one.
     He was tall.  That is hard to dress for a man, or so I've always heard, never having had the chance to find out personally, about 6'8-6'10".  He was emaciated.  I would guess, (although I must admit here, that tall and thin has NEVER been a forte of mine), only about 130-140#.  You could see every rib.  He was wearing a black pair of "skinny" jeans, or maybe women's jeans.... hard to tell, as they were both fairly young, prolly mid 20's, and attempting the "emo thing".  (Beret for her, sock hat for him... not just ANY sock hat and beret, MATCHING ones... black and red plaid.... sheesh,...... WAY too much "emo/goth" eyeliner on both... looked kinda like the Crow, which btw, is a VERY  kewl look, for the right people, in the RIGHT clothing!).  For a top, he had on a skin tight (or should I say "bone tight?") black, horizontally striped turtle neck.  The stripes were bone white.   He looked, for all intents, like a skeleton that might hang in the old Dr's office that is a tourist attraction here.
    Now, I'm not knocking heavy people..... I have been one almost all my life.  I am not knocking skinny people... I have wanted to BE one almost all my life.  But, if you are either of these, or just somewhere in between, as most of us are...... LOOK IN THE DAMNED MIRROR BEFORE YOU GO OUT THE DOOR!!!!!!!!
    There is clothing made for both sizes, that fits, and looks nice.  And you can find it relatively inexpensively.  Better yet, if you are as poor as I am, go to the local "mega box store", or Salvation Army, or Goodwill, or just a thrift shop.  Stop at a newsstand on the way, and pick up a men's or women's fashion magazine, respectively.  Most of them, these days, will show pictures of people your size, as the trends are changing from just "beefcake" men, and "stick figure" models.  Get an idea, get a clue!
     If the RL "forces that be" have played hell with your slider bars, and Ruthed you, or dwarfed you, or made you into the SL giants that dwell HERE, it is up to YOU to find the correct style that works.  You can't relog real life!
     Sincerely, and thank you,
Blinded, gagging and giggling,

For the G-monster......

One of my waitresses at my RL job is infatuated with meh smexy purple Kitteh.... this is for you, G!  heehee

Friday, October 9, 2009

Congrats, Spanki!!!

My son has a new photo Gallery, courtesy of the Owners of Tainted Boys, the club he dances in... his work is marvelous, and the club is simply FABULOUS!!!  You HAVE to check both out!  (btw, the teleporters for the second level are in the club, as I JUST found out... AFTER perving into the gallery!  LOL)   Spanks, Gratz!!!!

Love ya, proud of ya!  Papi Tel!

and here's the SLurl for Tainted Boys!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Happy Rez Day, Spanki!

One of the best things that's happened to me, both inworld, and off, is the unconditional love of family that you (and now Dobby and Miki and Jessie) have given me!  I am so proud of the advances you've made, and am SO happy you came into my life when you did.  I couldn't ask for a better person to call Son.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Let it end, now, please......

     I have stood on the sidelines, quietly supporting my Son and his partner through all the drama, and, no matter the opinions I wanted to voice, I have NOT done so.  To those of you who know how outspoken I am, you know what this cost me, internally, but I felt it best.  This last volley, however, demands from me a few comments, whether welcome or not.  I know you will read this, ALL of you, because I can think of no one else in Italy who might, and because the boys both openly follow my blog, of course.
     Attempts were made in your blog, and you know to whom I am referring, to drag me into this mess, way back in the beginning, right after your break up,questioning mine and Spanki's  relationship as father/son, trying to make it into something less than it is; something profane, and not just a happy meeting of two people that can be there for each other unconditionally.  We did not meet until AFTER you had broken up.  That is the truth.  I know you've been told that, but hear that from me as well.  Please, let me express an opinion to you all.
     My last relationship before my current one, I also was involved with a much younger man.  (and, btw, Spanki did NOT tell me your age... I am guessing from your profile pic, that we are contemporaries.)  It didn't work.  Like it or not, they think differently, and have different goals, morals, and mores that they live for, and with.  They don't get our humor, nor we theirs, sometimes.  The generation gap, and in your case, a bit of a language barrier, although your English is very good, can also play a part in the miscommunication.
      I would like to say, however, that you seem like an intelligent, sensitive person, one that I think I might have liked to call a friend at one point.  You are a VERY good DJ... I've been to your gigs in other forms, and not recognizable to you.  Your writings on your blog, and, yes, I read it, when not on THIS subject, are well done, very descriptive, and eloquent.  You are NOT a monster, you are hurting, as I did with my ex, but at some point, you need to let the hurt just GO.  It's hard.   I understand this.  These "kids", and that's exactly what they are to men of our age range, need time to reach the levels of experience, and, yes, at the risk of offending them, maturity that we are capable of at our ages.  They need to make their own decisions, and yes, (and I hope NOT), their own mistakes, both in RL and in SL, as we have done over the years.
     On many levels, you remind me of my self... very emotional, and you obviously "feel" things very deeply.  This can ALSO be very difficult to deal with, as it often seems that others "just don't understand".  I do.  I make you a sincere offer....... IF you ever want to chat, person to person, please contact me.  My profile is available in search, or just pull it up.  I know you know my name, although, to your credit, you never mentioned it in your blog, so I am doing you the same courtesy here.  Maybe I can help you to "move on", as I have been in EXACTLY the position, both with the relationship, and emotionally, that you appear to be in.  If you will let it, time can heal many wounds, both internal and external, and, then, you are SO much more ready when the "right" one comes along.... trust me.  You will know that it's "right" because of the differences between it and the "wrong" relationship.
    As for you sons of mine.... you have the right to be happy, and drama free, unless it's of your own making.  Answering such things has allowed it to continue, which is an opinion I have expressed to you before.  I support you, I support your relationship, and will be there for you, but I need to say this, as well.... go on with your lives.  You are both so happy, and fulfilled.  Look to THAT side, and ignore the negativity.  It's hard, yes, especially the "taking this shit RL".  That is and shall remain the wrong thing to do, but it happened, and now needs to be overlooked, or at least moved past.
     As a parting shot of my own, BOTH sides have expressed their views, and opinions on Spanki's blog, Miki's blog, and the third party's blog.  All sides have the right to feel the way they do, and to express those feelings, but, it's done.  Let those be the parting shots of a battle that had to happen, but shouldn't have.  Just let your ships drift apart now, following their own currents.  I wish you ALL, and I mean that sincerely, the fun and love that SL can and does bring to those of us that treat it as more than just a game.  Let it end, now, please, before the hurt gets any deeper on either side.
     Move on, all of you.  Be happy.... it's truly a wonderful state of mind!

Best wishes to all concerned,

Saturday, October 3, 2009