Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Vacuum sex.

[17:03] Teleny Macarthur: I saw your pic of that sweater on your blog... it's even funnier in person!

[17:03] Teleny Macarthur: lol

[17:04] Derren Nexen: hehehe I lav it! XD

[17:04] Derren Nexen: These are my noodly appendages

[17:05] Teleny Macarthur: lol

[17:05] Teleny Macarthur has visions of vacuum cleaner sex......

[17:05] Derren Nexen: hahaha!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Busy, busy, busy.......

     I've been so busy that I feel like I need a Bee Avatar.  Heh.  RL work is hectic, to say the least, since the only other full timer quit on us, w/o working out her notice.  I worked six days last week, six this week, and probably one more week.  The up side of this is only one split shift a week.  The down side is, I'm so frantically trying to keep up with my RL stuffs that I haven't been inworld as much.
     However, I have started drawing up plans for the wedding pavillion.  Unless we change our minds again, we're going to have it on our sim, though Misha has graciously offered us a sky platform, so we could have more guests there, through Franzi's intercession.  We'll see.
    I don't like change much, which triggered last week's depressive bout, but as I've adapted to the new schedule, etc., things are getting brighter.  Haveing Derren to talk to has also helped enormously.  He's very good for me to have around.  I think I might keep him a while.  *grins*

OK, some random pics......

The Grand Foyer is finished, finally.  After a long search, I found exactly the lighting I was looking for!

We completely redid the music room.  This has become my fave room in the house, now.

Random Silliness for 80's night at Club Industry.  I let Derren be the tall one for once!  LOL!

Easter Bunneh Hawtness!

*Peace out*

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fade to black.......

Depression can be triggered by the smallest things..... so easy to get there, so hard the return trip.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Just kinda got the blues tonight.....

     For some reason, when one of these "funks" hits me, especially when triggered out of the blue, listening to "Downer" songs actually seems to help.  At the least, these are some great classics!

Okay, so this turned into a Beth night.... those are always cathartic.



Sunday, April 10, 2011

For an old friend, and for *you know who*

    An old friend/family member decided that our relationship wasn't working out, for various reasons, a few weeks back.  While I respect their decision, and even accept their reasoning, that doesn't mean that I stopped caring.  I think the words to this song ring true for everyone that has "too much shit" to deal with at times. 

*Wishing peace to my loved ones*

Saturday, April 9, 2011


     So, Derren is having a rough go with some things, IRL, and my job is getting very hectic atm due to a key player exiting the picture.  Neither he nor I will be inworld as much for a bit, while our real lives are being demanding.  "We" are fine, contrary to some rumors that I've heard to the opposite.  We have become close friends RL as well as partners inworld, and my RL partner and I are there for him, supporting him all the time with his difficulties. 
     When we are inworld, and get to "see" each other on SL, I will sometimes ignore IM's and messages.  I hope you all understand.

*love and hugs to all*
Our new movie night place~ 24/7 classic cartoons!