Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Almost there!

   With just a few more poses needed, and some tweaking of prims, The Cat's Meow will be ready far ahead of our target date of Valentine's Day for the Grand Opening!  Here's a few more "teaser pics"!

    Babydoll, this is all for you!  You are my inspiration, my hope, and my love....  *big ol' hugs!*

Speaking of relationships.... Derren entered us in an SL photo contest for Valentine's Day.  Go there.  Vote for us.  DO EET NAO!!!!!   *please?*  :D *voting actually opens on Feb. 14th at 12:00 AM* (It's not for a cash prize....  it will be blogged on the SL blogrolls is all, but we want the world to know that SL is NOT just for heterosexual couples, who always seem to be the winners of these sorts of things!)

*Excitedly looking forward to opening the club, and the future*

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  1. ooomph! First I was too early and voted hadn't started yet.... then I was too late and it was over the day before. sorry! :-(