Thursday, September 20, 2012

Ah, it's been a busy late summer.....

    First off, I want to apologize to everyone for not being around SL much.  I guess Derren and I both have kind of gotten bored with it.  Since we have daily RL contact on FB, and the occassional Skype session, it's been enough, most of the time.  We do log in occassionally  for this and that, and I'd like to have more SL time to build, but things have been very hectic in my RL.
     First, they made me the General Manager at work.  Well, this included a hefty pay raise, but also a hefty increase in hours worked/week.  This is a good thing, all the way around.
      Now for the bad news.  My mother has not been feeling well for several months, and when I finally got her to go to a specialist, and not her usual doctors, we found out that she has urothelial carcinoma of the kidney, which is basically a type of bladder cancer.  It's been a whirlwind of doctors, tests, etc., resulting in her having surgery next Wednesday, with an extended stay in the hospital afterward, then perhaps an assisted living center for a while.  While her urological surgeon, whom I refer to as "Dr. Doogie McDreamy Houser"  (His real name being Becker... heh, but he looks to be about 24, though he is pushing forty, and adorable!!!!), is positive he can get the cancer, since it's in the very early stages, he is worried about Mom's heart condition, and possible side effects from that, or even another major stroke during the surgery.  As most of you know, I'm not one to get overly publicly emotional, so lets just say that I've gone into total Scorpio coldness, emotionally, and have my nervous breakdown scheduled for the first Monday after all this is over.

Love to all, and I miss everyone horribly,


Well, the surgery went better than expected, and they did most of it robotically.  Mom is still outta her mind on meds, which is both sad and hilarious at times (like the HUGE  man, also on meds, that asked her to dinner, while she was giggling like a school girl... heehee!). All in all, it was a success, though they are keeping her in the heart telemetry unit until her release, due to her susceptibility to heart attacks.  Thank you one and all for the kind, supportive words inworld (I get them via email, when I can't log in), and in person, through personal email, and on Facebook.  Love to everyone!


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