Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New build for MarketPlace!

Well, I've not been inworld as much as I'd like, due to RL time constraints (and Mom's health, and yardwork, and... and... and.... everyone knows the summertime in SL drill, right?), but when I have been in, I have been working on some Star Wars themed sculpted builds for a friend's Onderonn sim (with which I've been having problems concerning the sculpts "reverting" to a different type after I gave them to her... strange.  I need to see if I can fix that, and soon!  She gets a bit temperamental about that stuff, seeing as she's a Sith and all!  LOL!) and working on this little critter.  I'm rather pleased with this one, as it is not only "land ready" with a fairly small footprint, but also can be a stand alone skybox.  Now, to just find the time to get it all linked and uploaded to MP, as I KNOW everyone is just waiting with baited breath for my next "great thing!"  "Shut up, and GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!"  Heeeheeheeeheeeeeheeeee.........

*Peace and Light to all*

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