Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A reason to come back time and again.....

     I've been wandering around SL for many a year, alone, and with dear friends and lovers.  Recently, I've been rather bored with it all, since Derren has moved in RL, and his internet is spotty to say the least, and he's not been able to be inworld for weeks now.  (His 'net is supposed to be back up and running by the 16th, though, and I can't wait!  FB hugs just aren't the same!)  I usually just log on to build, since I have to pay tier on a mostly unused homestead, and my builds seem to be taking off on MarketPlace, as they are covering most of the tier. Our favorite club closed after many years, with a LOT of unnecessary drama, due primarily to a downturn in the RL finances of one of the principles, which is happening more and more I've noticed all over SL.
     All that whining aside, though, there are those bright moments that remind me of why I love SL so much, even when I'm on hiatus from it.  Mistletoe Ethaniel, one of my oldest friends on SL, and a very dear RL friend as well, now, had a personal RL emergency (I won't go into details, but you can link to her blog from mine is you wish to know them.), and Derren and I offered the club as a venue for her to do an emergency fundraiser.
     It worked.  BOY, did it work.  Not only was the goal met, but, amazingly, most of the donations came from people that couldn't even GET to the club.  The generosity and love of the folks on SL is what keeps me coming back time and time again.
     With the deepest heartfelt thank you, and admiration for all my SL peeps,

 P.S.  Got another new build up for sale on MarketPlace.https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/66814
 P.P.S.   On a bet with myself, after a convo Derren and I had the last time he DID get to be inworld, I                                       attempted to make Tel into a twinky elf.  LOL!  It was fun, but will DEFINITELY be temporary!  D:

And, that should about bring us up to date, class!
Peace and love to all,

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